Woman Crush Wednesday: Pretty Little Liars Edition

Pretty Little Liars

Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls!

That’s right. Our Woman Crush Wednesday goes to the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, because without them, the show wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t abandon all plans just to watch my favorite girls on a Tuesday night. Between the flashbacks Emily had of Alison, Hanna dreaming of Spencer and everyone coming together to #SaveHanna, last night’s episode gave me the feels. Their chemistry exists beyond the screen and I thank social media for their #squadgoals.

Here are the reasons why we love the Little Liars:

Ashley Benson isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone and branch out. She starred in Harmony Korine’s Springbreakers. Everyone wondered why Ashley took on such a controversial role, different from the Hanna Marin we watch on Pretty Little Liars. It’s because she wanted to do something different that would help her career. Let me just say that, if you didn’t understand the movie, then you don’t understand Harmony Korine as a Director. Ashley did a fantastic job and it was great to see her break out from that teen role.

Lucy Hale’s birthday was just a week ago and the cast of Pretty Little Liars referred to her as Goose! The tiniest of them all, Lucy’s got so much spirit. Remember when she dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween? Can’t forget that. We can add singer to Lucy’s list of talents who released her first album Road Between back in 2014. After last night’s episode, we’re team #Ezria all the way.

Janel Parrish was probably one of the most hated characters on Pretty Little Liars, but the writers did a great job and we began to love her again. That’s not to say that we didn’t love her off screen as she is such a talented dancer. Janel appeared on the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars as we watched her put in work week after week. Janel and Val won third place on the show.

Sasha Pieterse is only 20 years old, the youngest of the Pretty Little Liars squad. Sasha is actually from South Africa, and released the single “This Country is Bad Ass”, to honor being an American. We love Sasha because she spoke against body shamers who attacked her for her weight gain. You go girl! However, #Emison will probably never happen because she is engaged to her longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer.

Shay Mitchell doesn’t act in many other movies or television shows compared to the other Liars. However, she did appear in Nick Jonas’ new music video Under You. Shay on the other hand has a strong online presence as she is a lifestyle and beauty blogger with a new site launching soon. She has over one million subscribers on YouTube with videos ranging from fashion and beauty to travel and fitness. She is also an author and wrote Bliss: A Novel. Did we forget to mention that we ABSOLUTELY adore the BFFL relationship that her and Ashley have got going on. #ButtahBenzo, just go peep that hashtag.

Troian Bellisaro, whose parents are both producers, keeps herself busy when not acting on Pretty Little Liars. In 2011, Troian launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a short film that she wrote and produced titled Exiles. Troian is also engaged to Patrick Adams where she guest starred as his ex-girlfriend Claire Bowden on Suits. We also can’t help but stop to admire all the aerial yoga that she does. Troian is onto big things and we can’t wait to see what she’s up to after Pretty Little Liars ends (sobs).

We love these ladies and who they are off screen. The one thing that we really love about all the Little Liars? They’re very open and honest about their body image and set a great example for their huge following. Lucy, Troian and Shay have all suffered eating disorders. Ashley was told she was too fat for a role and immediately got back up on her feet. They aren’t afraid to address the flaws of what the media makes them out to be. We respect that.

Next week, we gotta #SaveAlison

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