10 Best Moments from Outlander Season 2

Outlander Season 2 France

Season 2 of Outlander came to a tear-filled finale this month. After a season of political intrigue–and not too many of the romantic scenes Outlander became known for–fans got everything they had been waiting for and more (and, yes, I am partially referring to Jamie and Claire’s final romp in the rocks). Season 2 shared horrible & heartfelt goodbyes, introductions of new characters (from Prince Charles to the long-awaited child of Claire and Jamie), unfurling of decades-kept secrets (surprise, Brianna, Jamie is your real dad…and he’s from the 1700s!), and time-hopping to the 1960s. Let’s take a look at 10 of our favorite moments from Outlander‘s second season:


We finally see Frank again. I know that he pales in comparison to Jamie in a kilt, but you can’t help but feel bad for Frank. Plus, he is so in love with Claire that it is a bit heartbreaking. Also, his reintroduction episode reminds us of how good of an actor Tobias Menzies is.

Frank Outlander Season 2


Claire’s French wardrobe. The fashion she had going on this season while they were in France was simply amazing, and her red dress was especially jaw-dropping.

Outlander Claire Red Dress


Fergus’s hair. His character in general was delightful–he became Claire and Jamie’s adopted child, in essence. But, let’s just take a look at his fantastic curls:

Fergus Outlander Season 2


Mother Hildegarde and Bouton. Her no-nonsense attitude, open heart, and smart little dog, Bouton, helped Claire find a purpose in France. She was also a steady rock for Claire later in the most gut-wrenching of moments.

Outlander Mother Superior Dog


Captain Jack Randall returns. The look on Claire’s face when she sees him was our exact reaction. Jamie’s reaction was downright scary. Remember how good of an actor Tobias Menzies is as Frank? Yeah, he’s even better as Black Jack.

Jack Randall Outlander


The entire episode where Claire loses her baby. Caitriona Balfe should get an award for this episode alone. It is heart-wrenching, and I can’t even say anything more about it because I’ll need a box of tissues.

Outlander Season 2 Faith


The moment you see Roger all grown up as a hot Scotsman. We finally have a new Scottish hottie to obsess over after Jamie is out of the picture (for now).

Roger Outlander Season 2

Adult Roger Outlander Season 2


The return of Geillis. SHOCKER. We actually see Geillis before she makes her trip back in time. No surprise at all that she’s a firecracker (or slightly crazed?) in the 1960s, too. Double shocker…she’s related to Roger!

Geillis Outlander Season 2


Surprising deaths: Duke of Sandringham, Angus, and Dougal. All of these deaths were CRAZY. The Duke’s was nuts because Murtagh axed his head off in a bloody display unlike any scene we have seen before. Angus’s was sad because, well, Angus was our kooky, lovable secondary character. Dougal’s was crushing because we loved to hate him…and love him. Also, Claire and Jamie putting the dagger in Dougal’s chest was another shocking element.

Outlander Season 2 Duke of Sandringham

Angus Outlander Season 2

Dougal Outlander Season 2


Jamie and Claire’s goodbye scene. Holy moly. Romantic words from Jamie (and a single tear). The revelation that Jamie actually paid attention to Claire’s cycle so he knew she was pregnant made women across the world weirdly swoon. Lots of tears from Claire. A quick, down-and-dirty, roll in the dirt between Claire and Jamie. A fitting goodbye that didn’t leave many dry eyes from fans. It also had us imagining what the reunion scene will be like….!

Outlander Season 2 Claire Jamie Goodbye


Now, time to think about what goodies season 3 has in store for us. And while we’re in #Droughtlander, we’ll be re-watching these scenes (and our favorite season 1 moments) over and over and over….
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