East Los High, Just Another Teen Drama?

East Los High

You’re probably wondering, what is East Los High? East Los High is a Hulu original series focusing on teenagers living in East Los Angeles. The Hulu series is also the first to have an all Latino cast, as well as the first to get renewed for a fourth season.

I first watched East Los High back in 2013 and pretty much finished up the first season in a couple of days. The first season ended positively, tying up all loose ends, giving all the characters a happy ending. I never gave the show a chance when season 2 came out. I’ve always felt weird about shows with new characters and plot lines and had no desire to watch it. I was wrong.

Yes, East Los High is just another teen drama, but each twenty-something minute episode is packed with so much more! With all teen dramas, you have romance, sex and lies. But with this series, writers like to throw in different topics such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, and undocumented immigration, just to name a few.

Why was East Los High so addicting for me?

I have to say, it’s because of the all Latino cast. I appreciate Director Carlos Portugal casting lesser popular actors and actresses. I was able to develop an appreciation for the cast on screen as I was impressed with the chemistry between each character. I fell in love with some of the characters. Just to name a few, here are some of the characters:

  1. Vannessa Vasquez as Camila Barrios
  2. Carlito Olivero as Eddie
  3. Andrea Sixtos as Jocelyn Reyes
  4. Jorge Daniel Pardo as Jesus
  5. Gabriel Chavarria as Jacob Aguilar

East Los High season 4 is now streaming on Hulu.

Photo Credit: Hulu


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