Ben Giroux and Jensen Reed Bring Us Back to the ’90s

No one can resist the charms of a good throwback. Not even the Backstreet Boys. So when they got wind that they were spoofed in a parody music video by actor/director Ben Giroux and indie hip-hop artist Jensen Reed, well, it was all love. In fact, AJ McLean and the guys invited the duo to perform alongside them at a show during their Las Vegas residency. And that special moment was captured on air by KTLA (don’t worry, we’ve included it below)!

We know you’re dying to learn more about the video that caught the attention of the Backstreet Boys and we have it for you. Ben Giroux and Jensen Reed are the creative masterminds behind “Back to the ’90s”, which has now become a viral sensation. Not only has it been viewed more than 38 million times on Facebook but the song also peaked at #11 on the Billboard digital comedy charts. Amazing, right? But more importantly, the track is giving us all the feels, celebrating everyone’s favorite era. Check out the video below and keep a lookout for some surprise cameos:


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