Ones to Watch: Joe Dias

Joe Dias

It’s fascinating to learn about the moment, experience, or person that inspired an artist’s career. For Boston singer-songwriter, Joe Dias, it was—and still is—his younger sister, Gianna. She loved listening to her brother sing and strum away at the guitar and encouraged him to pursue his passion. When she was diagnosed with cancer and had to spend an increasing amount of time at the hospital, she would ask Joe to upload covers of her favorite songs. Throughout her battle with the disease, Gianna continued to support Joe’s dreams and stressed that he shouldn’t let his fears hold him back from doing what he loves.

Witnessing what his sister was going through, Joe took her advice and immersed himself in his songwriting—pouring his heart and soul into his music. Shortly after, he was invited by rapper, P. Sanders, to join him on a nationwide tour, performing alongside Jake Miller and Jessica Sanchez.

Joe Dias

Earlier this year, Joe dropped his debut album, Blue October, which is available on both iTunes and Amazon. He told us that the album was an outlet for him to express himself during one of the toughest times of his life. It’s clear from listening that Joe has established himself as one of music’s great new songwriters. He displays a talent for creating lyrics that are vulnerable, honest, and relatable, and if you don’t shed a tear by the conclusion, we’d be surprised. Not only is Joe a fantastic writer, but he also knows how to create a summer anthem. Last week, he released his catchy new single, “Something Better”, and if you haven’t heard it yet, what are you waiting for?

Keep up with Joe on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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