SDCC 2017: Everything We Learned from the Stitchers Press Room


If there’s one show that you need to be watching, it’s without question, Freeform’s Stitchers. The underrated series is a sci-fi crime drama with dynamic storylines, great character development, and some of the best acting on television. It centers around a young woman who is recruited by a government agency that’s able to stitch together a living person’s conscious with the memories of a dead person in order to solve a crime or mystery. If you’re not already intrigued, check your pulse, but, just in case, here are five more reasons why you should be watching Stitchers.

Pop-Culturalist had the incredible opportunity to chat with the cast and creators about what’s to come and their hopes for season 4. Is it too early to start trending #RenewStitchers4? Here’s everything we learned:

Will We See More of Camille and Amanda’s Relationship?
“We wanted to make something special. We wanted that bond to have all the ups and downs and the peaks and valleys of a real, earnest, heartfelt relationship. Allison and Anna have brought that. All I can tease is we haven’t seen the last of Amanda.” — Jeff Schechter (Showrunner)

“They knock it out of the park. Their chemistry is just amazing.” — Damon Dayoub (Detective Fisher)

How will Linus Recover from His Father’s Death?
“The death of his father has a huge toil on him, but the fact that his parents knew about the program and they had that conversation, was a huge burden off Linus’ shoulders. All his father wants for him is to focus on his work and to do good by himself.” — Ritesh Rajan (Linus)

What’s Going on With Camsten?
“If you’re a Camsten fan, there are steamy moments ahead.” — Emma Ishta (Kirsten) and Kyle Harris (Cameron)

What Impact Will Ivy and Linus’ Relationship Have on the Team?
“With Ivy, that’s a big struggle. We don’t know if she’s good or bad and that’s putting a huge wrench in his relationships with Cameron, Camille, and Kirsten. It’s love or it’s work” — Ritesh Rajan (Linus)

What Cliffhangers Can We Expect for the Season 3 Finale?
“It’s the mother of all cliffhangers. You’re going to be like, ‘Damn, these people.’ It was a surprise cliffhanger that the network didn’t even know we were putting in there. We already had a cliffhanger, but another idea came up. So we added a cliffhanger on top of our cliffhanger. The network had no idea until they screened the episode and everyone literally screamed because they didn’t know it was coming.” — Jeff Schechter (Showrunner)

“You’re going to be so mad that you have to wait.” — Damon Dayoub (Detective Fisher)

“It’s big! Don’t throw anything at your TV. There are going to be a couple of big questions that’ll be answered, but of course, we create more questions. It’s like any good finale, you answer a few questions and everyone’s happy…and then you drop another question, and they’re like, ‘I hate these guys.” — Ritesh Rajan (Linus)

“The finale wraps up the mythology we’ve been watching so far and it also propels us to the coolest storyline that we’ve yet to uncover, in my opinion, if we get the chance. The program would be public. That’s Jeff’s idea. We’re out in public, people see us as superheroes but also as grave robbers. We don’t have permission to go into these memories.” — Kyle Harris (Cameron)

Check out our full interviews below and make sure to watch Stitchers, every Monday at 9/8pm EST.


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