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For the past year, I have been in a terrible TV slump. I lost interest in many of the shows I used to watch and have been trying out new series this summer. Recently, Freeform’s science fiction crime drama, Stitchers caught my eye. What started as a casual viewing turned into a two day binge-watch of the series all the way to its current season three. I am so thrilled to have discovered this little gem of a show, because I am completely in love with it! The characters have captured my heart, the story has me hooked, and the writing has exceeded my expectations. Thank you Stitchers for bringing me out of my TV slump!

Stitchers is the story of Kirsten Clark, a young woman recruited by the NSA to join its top secret Stitchers Program. Cameron Goodkin, a brilliant neuroscientist, has helped develop technology that will allow a living consciousness to stitch into the mind of recently dead people to view their memories. These memories are then used to solve the victim’s deaths and other crimes. Kirsten is an ideal candidate to take on the role of a stitcher due to her unique condition of temporal dysplasia, which inhibits her ability to tell the passing of time and has subsequently left her unable to experience emotions. The Stitchers Team also includes bioelectrical engineer, Linus Ahluwalia and computer science graduate student, Camille Engelson. The team is lead by veteran NSA agent, Maggie Baptiste and receives support from LAPD liaison, Detective Quincy Fisher.

Have I grabbed your attention with that unique premise? Read on for 5 reasons why you should be watching Stitchers!

The Fusion of Science Fiction with Crime Procedural

The current television landscape is brimming with comic book based shows, reboots/spinoffs, and a wide variety of dramas. Stitchers stands out as one of the very few sci-fi shows available to watch. It combines science and technology with crime procedural to bring viewers a fun, fresh, and original story.

Well-Developed and Complex Characters

The writers have created an incredible cast of nuanced, layered, intelligent, and real characters. The show proudly features smart, fierce female characters in Kirsten, Camille, and Maggie. Kirsten is a compelling character to watch as she develops her emotional intelligence and connections with people. Camille brings the laughs with her witty and sarcastic remarks, but we also get to glimpse her vulnerable side. Two words that aptly describe Maggie are mysterious and badass. She is someone not to be trifled with and is intensely protective of her team.

The men of Stitchers are equally worthy of praise. Cameron is instantly likable with his adorable, geeky personality and his compassionate nature. Linus’ quirkiness and pure heart are what make him a standout character. Rounding out the team is Fisher, an honorable, dedicated cop trying to rid the world of criminals one stitch at a time. It’s easy to emotionally invest in characters when they are written with such depth, richness, and complexity.

Meaningful Friendships and Relationships

I love watching all the different friendships and relationships play out on screen. Kirsten and Camille go from being frenemies to developing a true bond of friendship as they work together in the Stitchers Program. As the series progresses, there is no doubt that these two women have each other’s backs. The show begins with an established friendship between Cameron and Linus, who affectionately refer to themselves as “men of science.” Their bromance is cute, hilarious, and heartwarming. A surprise friendship Camille and Fisher shows how well they work together as partners in the field.

Of course, there are also romantic relationships to enjoy. Camille and Linus have an instant, mutual attraction to each other that evolves into quirky mix of romance and friendship. At the heart of the show are beloved Cameron and Kirsten. It’s clear from the beginning they will be the slow burn, angst filled romance of the show. Their palpable chemistry and deep connection is combined with cute, flirty banter to create a couple you can’t help but fall in love with. Given Kirsten’s particular condition, watching her and Cameron build a friendship with the hope of something more makes their love story all the more unique.

Intriguing Mythology

There is an elaborate mystery surrounding the Stitchers Program. Questions regarding the NSA’s true purpose and endgame of the program are the basis of the mythology. The government leaders behind the program are cloaked in secrecy, as are their methods for selecting the cases for the team. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the mythology is Kirsten’s connection to the origins of the Stitchers Program. The writers have done an excellent job of crafting a mythology with high stakes and unexpected twists.

Appealing to a Wide Audience

Stitchers has a little bit of everything that makes it a very entertaining show. It’s got humor, action, mystery, science, romance, and so much more. The show also includes diverse representation by sharing Linus’ Indian background and introducing a romance between two women. Anyone who gives this show a chance will surely find something to keep them coming back.

Watch the series promo below and then head over to the Freeform site or app to catch up on the series. Stitchers airs Mondays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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