For any actor, landing their dream role is no easy feat, but for Dallas Hart, it’s become a reality. This up-and-coming talent stars as Leo, the resident rocker and leader of The Ravens, on Netflix’s can’t-miss new series, Greenhouse Academy. The show follows two rival houses who must band together to foil an evil plot. It’s a role that combines two of Dallas’ biggest passions in life: music and acting. Pop-Culturalist sat down with Dallas to chat about Greenhouse Academy, how he learned he booked the show, and what it’s like being

The Shannara Chronicles was MTV’s big scripted fantasy series. It was an exciting series that fans have been waiting for more of. Now, in it’s sophomore season, the show has moved over to SpikeTV. With that comes a darker story that departs a bit from Terry Brooks’ series that it was adapted from (but stays within the world and with the characters). We sat down with the cast and creators to talk about what we have to look forward to. Al Gough and Miles Miller (creators, executive producers, and show

Lore is a new spooky show that will be streaming on Amazon Prime beginning Friday, October 13. Based on the incredibly popular podcast from Aaron Mahnke, the six episode anthology is a unique blend of animation, audio from the podcast, and live action storytelling. The stories told in Lore are true historical stories about the origins of things like werewolves, seances, and vampires. We were stoked to get to chat with the cast and creators of the show at New York Comic Con to learn more about it. Holland Roden,

Pacific Rim is the most bombastic sci-fi live action film I’ve ever seen, and with today’s NYCC panel, Pacific Rim: Uprising looks even better! First time director Steven S. DeKnight will be replacing Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, but I have high hopes. He’s played a part in writing or producing several notable series through the years, including: Smallville, Buffy, Angel, and my personal favorite, Spartacus. It’s safe to say, this movie is in good hands. Uprising takes place ten years after the event of the first movie. In

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