British sci-fi series Doctor Who has taken over the world since its inception in 1963. The show centers on The Doctor, a humanoid alien who travels in a 1950s style police box known as the TARDIS. During his exploits, he is often faced with otherworldly foes and evil humans as he saves the universe countless times. His ability to reorganize his cells and transform his body when he is critically injured (a process known as regeneration) makes him nearly immortal and he spends much of his time traveling with one

Music has always been a lifelong passion for Calum Scott, but breaking into the industry was no easy feat. After spending years grinding away in Hull’s local music scene, the singer-songwriter auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent. He captivated the audience and judges with his rendition of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. The performance showcased his innate ability to not only interpret a song, but to also make it his own. It instantly made him a favorite to win the series and earned him Simon’s golden buzzer, however, nothing in life is

Alexandra Bracken departs from her dystopian, fantasy roots to bring readers an enthralling time travel adventure story. Passenger and Wayfarer weave an exciting scavenger hunt through time with a poignant journey of self-discovery for its main characters. Bracken’s duology is an enjoyable combination of heart, humor, romance, and historical fiction. Passenger introduces us to Etta Spencer, a violin prodigy living in present day New York with her single mother, Rose. The story opens with Etta getting ready to perform at a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, only

For a certain age group, Anastasia is a beloved animated film whose romantic lead elicits swoons and the plucky heroine is admired. So when it was announced that Anastasia would be a musical, fans waited with baited breath to see who was cast and if the stage version would live up to the delightful film (spoiler: it does). Stepping into the role of the romantic lead, Dmitry, Derek Klena’s perfectly combined boyish charm and appealing vocals surpass fans’ expectations. Derek Klena is no stranger to this type of romantic leading man—he

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