Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency was a raucous hit at New York Comic Con this year. At the Main Stage panel, fans were treated to an exclusive first-look of episode 1 of the upcoming season 2. Let’s just say, it was everything we’d hoped for and more. All we’ll say is: scissor swords! (For some insight into season 2, take a look at when we chatted with Dirk Gently at SDCC.) Post-screening, creator Max Landis came on stage with cast members Samuel Barnett (Dirk), Elijah Wood (Todd), Jade Eshete (Farah),

Natalie Alexander is a singer-songwriter on the rise, who recently dropped her own self-titled EP. It’s an artistic statement of self-expression and the perfect introduction to one of music’s great new storytellers. Pop-Culturalist was lucky enough to chat with Natalie about the EP, her creative process, and how her family has shaped her career. P-C: Describe how you felt when your self-titled EP was finally released. Natalie: Excited! I had no expectations, I was just so happy to finally get my music out there. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive which

Sydney Alton is an incredible talent making her mark on the entertainment industry. She’s a triple threat who writes, sings, and acts. Her new single, “Up for Air”, is one of the hottest songs right now, and showcases her pop and R&B influences. Pop-Culturalist spoke with Sydney about her artistry, musical influences, and who she would love to collaborate with in the future. P-C: Tell us about your new single, “Up for Air”. Sydney: “Up for Air” is a song I wrote about being let down by someone you trusted

Hannah Zeile is a name you may not know (yet), but her face is certainly familiar to millions across the country these days. She plays the teenage-aged Kate Pearson on the hugely popular TV show This is Us. This is the biggest project that the 19 year old actress has worked on, and we’re sure it won’t be the last. We were excited to chat with Hannah about the show and how she approaches creating such a memorable character. P-C: How did you get started acting? Hannah: Growing up, actually,

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