The stage adaptation of Groundhog Day is delightful. Between the technical surprises that pepper the show and the absolutely wonderful performance of leading man Andy Karl, it’s a show you could watch over and over. Phil Connors (Andy Karl) is a famed weatherman who, each year, visits Punsutawney to report on Groundhog Day. Now, Phil is not a nice guy. He’s full of himself, a ladies’ man, and actually loathes having to report on this story. In his first song of the show, he sings: “Small towns, tiny minds Big

As the saying goes, “Clothes make the man.” Indeed, the clothes worn by an actor or actress onstage are a key part of bringing a character—and their story—to life. That’s where Paloma Young comes in. As a costume designer, she is able to to convey stories through her designs, how it is worn, and how it reflects a character. Young garnered a lot of attention when she won the Tony Award for Best Costume Design in a Play for her work on the fantastically magical show Peter and the Starcatcher.

With a whole slew of new shows on the horizon, it’s never too early to look ahead and predict who will have the next breakout performance. One actor that we’re expecting big things from is Chad Michael Collins. He’s starring as Ezra, the leader of the Reborns, on BYUtv’s new sci-fi series, Extinct—premiering this October. Written exclusively for BYUtv, Extinct centers around the “Reborns”, a small group of humans who are revived by an alien civilization, 400 years after their extinction. While it appears that the aliens are trying to

It’s fascinating to learn about the moment, experience, or person that inspired an artist’s career. For Boston singer-songwriter, Joe Dias, it was—and still is—his younger sister, Gianna. She loved listening to her brother sing and strum away at the guitar and encouraged him to pursue his passion. When she was diagnosed with cancer and had to spend an increasing amount of time at the hospital, she would ask Joe to upload covers of her favorite songs. Throughout her battle with the disease, Gianna continued to support Joe’s dreams and stressed

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