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Freddie Stroma

Freddie Stroma is no stranger to film or television. He’s starred alongside the biggest names in Hollywood—both on the small and silver screen. His work includes the Harry Potter franchise, HBO’s Game of Thrones, Pitch Perfect, and Lifetime’s UnREAL. Up next, he’ll take lead in Kevin Williamson’s addictive cat-and-mouse thriller, Time After Time. He plays a young H.G. Wells, who travels to present-day in pursuit of Dr. John Stevenson (a.k.a. “Jack the Ripper”). It’s clear from seeing just one episode that Freddie Stroma is giving a career-defining performance worthy of an EMMY.

Audiences will recognize Freddie for his portrayal as the arrogant but sensitive, Adam Cromwell, on Lifetime’s scripted drama about The Bachelor. But he’s showing a completely different side to himself in Time After Time. His character is idealistic and sees the best in everyone. He believes as technology advances, we’ll get closer to the perfect utopia. And he’s a character, we can definitely get behind. When we spoke to Freddie at San Diego Comic-Con, he teased “H.G. Wells has a strong moral code but it’ll be tested throughout the season.” Color us intrigued. But it’s Freddie’s performance that has us wanting more. Don’t believe us? Check out Time After Time, every Sunday on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC/Sarah Shatz


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