The Best Characters from Taboo

Taboo Tom Hardy

Taboo was one of the most underrated shows on television this year. Not only was it an interesting story with a technically-detailed production, but it was also superbly acted. Tom Hardy brought the show to life with his dad, Chips Hardy, and Steven Knight (creator of Peaky Blinders).

Taboo tells the story of James Keziah Delaney (Tom Hardy). He’s been presumed dead for years so when he suddenly returns to London when his father dies to claim the family’s deed for a piece of land in faraway America, chaos erupts. That piece of land is desired by the East India Trading Company…the very company that sent James to Africa where he was shipwrecked years ago. That land is also the land from where his mother, a Native American, came from. Dark secrets, violent crimes, black magic, and forbidden love are all elements of Taboo. It’s exciting, disturbing, and engrossing.

If you, like many others, missed it, then get a glimpse of why Taboo is so great with our round-up of our favorite characters on the show.

James Keziah Delaney. This one is a no brainer because, obviously, the main character would be one of the most interesting on the show. He’s seen some crazy s*it on that East India Trading Co. ship that haunts him and while he was in Africa. He sees and talks to spirits. He also takes over his family’s shipping business with ease, proving his business mind is sharp and sound. He also happens to be in love with his half-sister. Tom Hardy embodies Delaney mind, body, and soul. He rages with a scary darkness in his moments of vengeance yet has a big loyal heart to those he cares about.

Taboo Stuart Strange

Sir Stuart Strange. The head of the East India Trading Co. (played by Jonathan Pryce) makes for a formidable enemy for Delaney. Devious, self-important, and too self-assured, Stuart is a character you love to hate. It’s a lot of fun to watch Delaney and Stuart go toe-to-toe in the battle for Nootka Sound.

Taboo Tom Hollander

Cholmondeley. Tom Hollander plays the chemist Cholmondeley to perfection. He is a Delaney’s go-to for creating deadly gunpowders and other such mixtures that need a steady hand. He also likes to partake in some of the things he makes, making him a ridiculous party-loving, lady-loving man. In truth, he may be my favorite character on Taboo. He brings delightful comic relief to an otherwise dark show.

Taboo Brace

Brace. The beloved butler and only servant of Delaney’s house, Brace (David Hayman) has been a part of the household since before Delaney was born. He knows all the secrets that Delaney doesn’t about his family, and he looks out for Delaney like his deceased father can’t.

Taboo Lorna Bow

Lorna Bow. The best female character on the show is a stage actress who also happens to be Delaney’s stepmother…even if their chemistry could mean that eventually their relationship might turn more romantic. It wouldn’t be the first time that Delaney had a twisted relationship with a female in his family. Jessie Buckley is incredibly lovely as Lorna. She’s open-hearted, strong-willed, and driven. She’s a good foil to Delaney.


Intrigued? Well, go on. Hurry up and binge watch it. Then, you’ll be ready for the recently-announced season 2!


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