Why We Love Broad City

Broad City

Comedy Central’s standout Broad City began its third season on Wednesday. This laugh-out-loud comedy succeeds because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and is always willing to smash our expectations about “female-centered television” in hilariously original and bold ways. Here are some of the reasons Broad City is must-watch television:

5. Ilana Glazer.

She elevates physical comedy to an art. Brava, queen.



4. Abbi is all of us when we get word vomit in front of our crush.

Abbi’s awkwardness around her neighbor-crush Jeremy is something that everyone can relate to. And it never gets any easier to watch her embarrass herself in front of him.


3. It dares to be raunchy.

Part of Broad City‘s strength is that its comedic style is equal parts outrageous, true-to-life, and raunchy. It’s so raunchy, in fact, that sometimes you feel like you’re watching a dude comedy. (It’s probably not coincidental that Abbi and Ilana refer to each other as “dude” all the time.) At the same time, the show is undeniably feminine in the situations that the two main characters find themselves in, and that tension between the expected and the surprises is what makes Broad City work so well.

2. It’s a jungle out there.

The New York City that Abbi and Ilana inhabit is seedy, gritty, and full of unlikely encounters and unfortunate moments. From awkward roommate situations to restaurant politics to Unidentified Creatures in Sewers, Broad City embraces it all.


1. #GirlPower

At the end of the day, Broad City is about going on the crazy and, oftentimes, hilarious adventure called life with a best friend at your side– someone who is willing to pull you out of a hole in Central Park, root for you when you go on a first date, or accompany you to any number of social events you’d rather skip. Broad City is the best fromance you’ll find on TV.


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