See why two Pop-Culturalist writers highly recommend The Wolves: Christine says: The Wolves opens on a group of teenage girls as they warm up for a soccer match. They banter, talk about the Khmer Rouge and periods within the same conversation, and stretch. Personalities are revealed as the young women talk: one is the loud, foul-mouthed one, used to being outrageous. Another is a soft heart who knits scarves for “Mexican children in cages.” Yet another is a bit of an oddball who is homeschooled. And yet, as the play

Drew Droege knows how to make people laugh. You may have seen his hilarious impersonations of Chloë Sevigny, or seen him in one of the many television shows and films he’s acted in, like Idiotsitter. He’s also had a full career on stage, performing both improv and acting in plays. His current project is the off-Broadway show Bright Colors And Bold Patterns; he wrote it and stars in the one-man show. We were able to chat with Drew about his love of acting, collaboration, and the evolution of Bright Colors And Bold

It’s almost time to wrap the fall television season, and one actor that’s made a breakout performance this year is Chad Michael Collins. He’s the leading man of BYUtv’s hit sci-fi series, Extinct, which airs its two-part season finale tonight! In the role, Chad has shown his innate ability to bring the many different shades of his character to life. Pop-Culturalist was lucky enough to chat with Chad about Extinct, what fans can expect from the two-part season finale, and why he’s so passionate about sci-fi. P-C: Tell us about

It’s been a whirlwind couple of years for Iowa-born actor, Kian Lawley. This up-and-coming star has shown he’s a next-gen talent and Hollywood’s newest leading man. With each project, he’s proven he can tackle any role, whether that be an indie film or a blockbuster hit. His credits include the films, Shovel Buddies, The Chosen, and Before I Fall (which he won a Teen Choice Award for). He’s currently starring as the title character in the AwesomenessTV and go90, Zac & Mia. Based on a bestselling novel, Zac & Mia

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