We’re having the best case of déjà vu. Syfy and IDW Entertainment announced today that breakout supernatural series, Wynonna Earp, will return for Season 3—expected to premiere in 2018. You’ll probably remember that it was here where we first learned about the Season 2 renewal. And they’ve done it again. It was a special moment for everyone involved including the fans, who have continued to show their unwavering support throughout. But especially on social media, using the hashtag #RenewWynonnaEarp. Well, Earpers, YOU made it happen. Check out the special moment

It’s been six years since Teen Wolf first graced television screens across the country, and few would have imagined the impact a show about a teenager-turned-werewolf would have on millions of viewers around the world. This week, the cast and creator headed to Comic-Con for what would be their biggest (and saddest) panel yet. Tears began to flow as the cast, creator, and fans reflected on 100 episodes of life-changing storytelling. While it’s never easy to say goodbye, we’ll get through it like a family, because that’s the greatest lesson Teen Wolf has taught

One of this year’s newest SDCC programs is SYFY LIVE hosted by Zachary Levi. Earlier this year, Levi announced he was not able to do his annual (and eagerly anticipated) Nerd HQ from San Diego. Lucky for fans, Levi and Syfy teamed up. Over the course of three nights of San Diego Comic Con, Levi is hosting SYFY LIVE. SYFY LIVE is an hour-long program that is taped with a live audience here at SDCC from July 20-22. The program contains news from SDCC. exclusive content, and chats with the stars

Kimmy Gatewood and Rebekka Johnson have been comedy partners for years. So, naturally, they were cast and portray GLOW‘s dynamic hairdresser duo, Stacy (Gatewood) and Dawn (Johnson) aka The Beatdown Biddies. We were excited to chat with them both about their experience on GLOW, learning some sweet wrestling moves, and to hear more about the projects they’re currently working on.   P-C: You both have been doing comedy—separately and together—for years. What drew each of you to it? Kimmy: I think for me movies like Singing in the Rain and

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