Puffs, Or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic is a wink-wink comedy of a certain famous story about a Wizard Who Shall Not Be Named. Just kidding. They name Harry Potter quickly in the play, so that there’s no question as to where it is taking place, even though the houses are called Snakes, Puffs, Smart, and Brave (I assume so as to emphasize both that this is emphatically not an official part of the Harry Potter canon, as well as for comedic effect).

Clint Ramos has been busy. Since his Tony Award win for Best Costume Design of a Play last year for Eclipsed, he’s designed for more than half a dozen off-Broadway and Broadway shows. Currently, his work can be seen in Sunday in the Park with George, Six Degrees of Separation, and The Whirligig. Pop-Culturalist was able to snag some time to chat with Clint about his design process, what projects he is drawn toward, and what time period he hopes to explore via costume design someday. PC: Let’s start with

The Git Gone episode is all about Laura and the events that lead to her death before Shadow’s release from jail. Emily Browning shines in this one, and we, the audience, are to have an array of emotions as Laura is unapologetically herself. If that means that there is some Egyptian God stating that she has a small, minuscule place in the universe that no one will bother to remember, well please F* off, sir. But she will be remembered as the one who came back after death, in some

The stage adaptation of Groundhog Day is delightful. Between the technical surprises that pepper the show and the absolutely wonderful performance of leading man Andy Karl, it’s a show you could watch over and over. Phil Connors (Andy Karl) is a famed weatherman who, each year, visits Punsutawney to report on Groundhog Day. Now, Phil is not a nice guy. He’s full of himself, a ladies’ man, and actually loathes having to report on this story. In his first song of the show, he sings: “Small towns, tiny minds Big

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