Younger S4E8: Good-hearted Liza

Younger season 4 episode 8

This week on Younger, we get some really good moments to watch of almost everyone.

Diana has been living in domestic bliss with Richard, but we knew it couldn’t last forever. Cue Ethan, Richard’s college age son. He’s decided that he needs to take time off from college and just crash on Diana’s couch. We’ll see how long Richard can distract Diana with sex because that fleshlight of Ethan’s will probably haunt Diana forever.

Back at the office….Since everyone knows that Pauline is Charles’s ex, no one can stop talking about “page 58.” Apparently, Charles can be pretty rowdy in the bedroom. Diana’s reaction to that scene is priceless (then again every Diana moment is). The book as a whole could be Empirical’s next big hit, but Charles still isn’t on board with publishing it. Liza pushes him to meet with Pauline to talk things over because she can also see where Pauline is coming from. Being the kind woman she is, Liza babysits Charles’s daughters while Charles and Pauline go to dinner. There is, of course, a swoon-worthy speech from Charles about how Liza has changed his life. However, Charles ends up staying out much later than anticipated which worries Liza a bit.

The next day, Charles gives the green light to publish the book. He also says that Pauline has requested that Liza be her editor at Millenial. Done and done. While Liza is super stoked to take the project on, she learns, in a heart-to-heart chat with Pauline, that she (not so shockingly) is still in love with Charles and wants to make things work with him and the girls. Naturally, Liza tells Charles that because of their “what is this” situation. Charles is adamant he is over Pauline and is all about Liza.

Liza and Maggie go to dinner and discuss everything that has happened. Maggie explains to Liza the concept of the pube in the gelato: you expect something nice, but there’s always a catch. So, editing Pauline is just like that. The dinner, by the way, is at their neighbors’ new restaurant. These neighbors have been keeping chickens on the rooftop of the apartment building, but Maggie has agreed not to tell the co-op board. In gratitude, the guys invited Maggie and Liza to dinner. You’d think that dinner would be free, right? Wrong! It is a whooping $500 dinner. So, in retaliation, Maggie calls animal control who come and take the rooftop chickens away. She lets the neighbors believe, though, that the roast chicken she’s making when they knock on her door is not, shall we say, from the supermarket. Brilliant.

Anyway, after dinner, Liza and Maggie go have a drink. Who else is having drinks at that bar? Kelsey and Josh. But, don’t worry, there is no mention of the kiss that happened last week. Tonight, Kelsey and Josh are “live tindering” and trying to meet people in real life. Again, Liza does a good thing for one of her love interests. She sets Josh up with the cute Irish bartender because who wouldn’t love Josh? I have a feeling this one is going to throw Liza for a loop…

Our favorite moments:

“Liza, anal–coffee! Coffee! -Diana after thinking about the infamous page 58.

“I am just so grateful you are in my life.” -Charles speaks as smooth as honey. I mean, how could Liza NOT jump his bones after his mini-monologue to her?!

“It’s a pocket pussy.” -Richard explaining Ethan’s fleshlight to Diana.

“She is not a pube. She’s a goddamn bush!.” -Maggie to Liza at dinner.


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