Younger S4E11: It’s All About Love

Younger s4e11

It’s awards season on Younger. The Pubbies are coming (a publishing publicity awards gala), and Empirical’s very own Diana Trout is being honored for her work on P is for Pigeon (remember that one from ages ago?). Before we get to the actual gala, let’s see what happened first.

Charles and Diana sit Liza and Kelsey down to give them a warning. They may be moving Marriage Vacation from Millennial over to Empirical. Empirical has a history with getting literary awards, and Millennial doesn’t have that reputation. Since Marriage Vacation is totally literary award material, they want to make sure it actually gets awards. Needless to say, Kelsey is pissed and Liza is upset. Kelsey storms off. (Side note: Charles has been reading the novel and is totally softening toward Pauline.)

Who should get in touch with Kelsey? Zane, of course. He wants to meet and discuss business. Kelsey agrees, but only to meet him for a VERY quick lunch at a lobster food truck. Zane informs her that he’s left Rivington (aka let go), and he’s taking L.L. Moore with him. According to the author’s contract, when his editor leaves, Moore goes with him. Zane proposes that Kelsey join him in starting their own company. Before agreeing or not agreeing to anything, Kelsey smartly follow-ups directly with Moore’s agent, Redmond (Michael Urie is perfection in this recurring role). Redmond explains to both Kelsey and Zane that that is not what the contract says. It says that Moore can go with the editor–but only if he wants to. Kelsey dodged a bullet with that one.

Liza has been going on very good and very sweet dates with Jay. She accompanies him to a cookbook cook-off. Everyone wants to talk to Liza about Marriage Vacation, and Jay is super supportive and proud of her. Again, I say: how does Liza get all of these decent, lovely, and attractive men in New York City!?

Diana, meanwhile, is still dealing with Richard and Ethan. Richard refuses to make Ethan move out on his own. Diana bites the bullet and goes to talk to Richard’s ex. She discovers that Richard lied to her about why Ethan is staying with them. She also discovers that he manipulates women like that, and Richard will never make Ethan move out. Diana kicks them both to the curb in a moment of girl power (and some sadness).

At the awards ceremony, Pauline is with Charles. Liza can’t handle how couple-y they are, and she dashes off with Jay. When Jay asks her if she’s ok, he only has to look at her face to realize that she is in love with Charles. Liza even admits it. Out loud. With words. And because Jay is a wonderful human, he gets it.

Oh, yeah, one more tiny detail from this episode. Josh decides to go to Ireland to get Clare back.

Our Favorite Moments

“I would rather be alone than with someone who lies to me.” -Diana to Richard. YASS QUEEN.

At the Pubbies, Diana tells Liza she’s used to being strong and alone, but…then she pulls Liza onto the red carpet with her. It was such a touching moment.

“Failing is what makes you a New Yorker. Everyone gets knocked on their ass. Whoever stands up can stay.” -Josh to Clare. #Truth


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