Younger S4E10: Career Women

Younger season 4 episode 10

Between a Pinx period panty party at a Nest mingling event, this episode of Younger is full of ladies and their careers.

Lauren gets Kelsey, Liza, and Pauline (since when does Kelsey want to hang out with Pauline?!) to come to a famed Nest event. The Nest is an exclusive club for women who work. Once you get in there, the contacts you can make across industries is huge. Lauren has been sneakily sleeping in a closet in the building because she lost her job. She’s trying to network like crazy at the Nest so she can start her own PR firm. Kelsey meets a producer for Good Morning America who is super interested in the Marriage Vacation.

Liza keeps seeing how much Pauline wants to get back with Charles. Lliza also learns that Charles told Pauline he was thinking of taking Liza off the book. Clearly, Charles wants to keep his past life and his present life separate. When Liza confronts him about it (at a party for Pauline thrown by an old friend of Charles and Pauline’s), Charles admits he wants Liza. He wants their relationship to work. Liza, though, stands firm. She knows this is a career-making book, and she wants to keep it. So, Charles lets her go. At the same party, good ole Bob and his wife see Liza, but before any more awkward revelations can occur, trusty Jay appears and covers for Liza yet again. He also knows Bob (of course) and tells them Liza is his new girlfriend. Saved again, Liza!

Liza and Jay leave the party together (which Charles sees). Jay is quite awkwardly cute with Liza, being a gentleman and walking her home, and they share a charming kiss on the street.

And, we can’t forget Diana! Diana’s saga with Ethan continues. He is still crashing on her couch. Richard still doesn’t listen to Diana’s complaints about him. In fact, Ethan has friends over, and Diana is reaching her limit.

In Josh-world, we discover that Clare’s visa is expiring so she has to return to Ireland. Josh gets depressed and tries to think of ways she can stay…

Our Favorite Moments

“How do you flush that thing?” -Dave, Ethan’s friend, on using the toilet at Diana’s apartment
“It’s pretty straightforward, Dave.” -Diana to Ethan. Diana’s delivery is

Lauren explaining that she’s been “sleeping in a closet, standing up like a horse.” Lauren is so kooky that almost any line she utters is hilarious.

“He’s like a gremlin just pillaging this place at night.” -Diana to Richard regarding Ethan

“I’ve been waiting a long time to meet someone crazy like you.” -Jay to Liza. This guy is too sweet to be true. Honestly, how does Liza find all these wonderful gents in New York City!?


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