Teen Wolf SDCC 2017: We’re One Big Family

Teen Wolf SDCC

It’s been six years since Teen Wolf first graced television screens across the country, and few would have imagined the impact a show about a teenager-turned-werewolf would have on millions of viewers around the world. This week, the cast and creator headed to Comic-Con for what would be their biggest (and saddest) panel yet. Tears began to flow as the cast, creator, and fans reflected on 100 episodes of life-changing storytelling. While it’s never easy to say goodbye, we’ll get through it like a family, because that’s the greatest lesson Teen Wolf has taught us on and off screen.

As a true alpha—I mean leader—Tyler Posey was the first to address a packed Hall H at the event: “It’s really emotional. It’s hard to explain how close this show is to my heart and how close this cast is to me. They make me happier. They saved my life. They showed me that love is alive.” It’s one of the rare occasions where we’ve seen Tyler this emotional. He mentioned during his roundtable press interviews how he’s learning to open up and how the show and fans have encouraged and accepted him.

Creator, Jeff Davis, kept the feels going when he praised Tyler for his leadership: “When you reach 100 episodes, you get a cake. We had he knife brought over, all the cast and crew was there, and Tyler handed me the knife and said, ‘Cut the cake, Jeff.’ I said, ‘Tyler, you’re the only person who’s been in all 100 episodes.’ And I handed the knife back to him. It was his cake to cut.”

Fan favorite, Dylan O’ Brien, still recalls when he learned he landed the part of Stiles: “It’s nothing but emotional now that it’s over. For me, this will always be such a special thing. This was my first part ever. I still remember getting the call from my manager saying I got the part of Stiles. It’ll always be a family. I’m going to miss this character and this show. I’m getting shaky right now just talking about.”

Don’t be too sad, though, Tyler Posey shared some parting words for fans of the show: “I will always love and remember you guys. You allowed me to be open about myself and the things that I go through, and I appreciate that. It helps me through stuff when I’m open and get everything off my chest. I don’t know if it would be that easy without you guys. You make me feel like it’s okay to speak my mind and be who I am. That’s all I wanted to show you, that you can be who you are. Life is weird. We’re weird creatures trying to make sense of life. I love you guys and I appreciate the support. I’m humbled. I wish I could do more.”

The final ten episodes of Teen Wolf will start airing on July 30th.


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