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Teen Wolf

It’s hard to believe after six long years and one hundred episodes we are saying goodbye to Teen Wolf. I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say that Teen Wolf has changed my life for the better and brought me lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. It is certainly bittersweet to say farewell to a show that impacted so many people all over the world, but before the series wraps there are certain things we want to see in the finale. While the show has moved in a different direction than any of us could have anticipated, we hope series gives a proper send off to all the characters we’ve come to know and love. Not to mention satisfactory closure for all of us longtime Teen Wolf fans who have stuck with the series through thick and thin!

Scott’s pack survives

While you cannot have war without causalities, we hope that Scott’s pack remains unscathed or at least doesn’t endure any life-threatening injuries. Most of Scott’s pack have spent the past six seasons defending Beacon Hills and all of its inhabitants, so for them to give the ultimately sacrifice in the final episode just seems cruel. We want to see our favorite characters live happy, healthy lives outside of Beacon Hills.

Everyone leaves Beacon Hills

Speaking of Beacon Hills, isn’t it about time everyone moved out of this hellmouth?! Why are people still living and working here, especially if those people are Scott, Malia, Lydia, Melissa, Noah, etc.? It’s time for them to pack their bags and get the hell out of there and find some semblance of peace and quiet.

Kate and Gerard meet their demise

HOW? ARE? THEY? STILL? ALIVE??? I never thought we would watch Allison die but still be enduring Kate and Gerard’s wrath for seasons to come. My two least favorite Argents continue to make everyone’s lives a living hell and are directly responsible for several deaths, so if they do not meet their demise by series end it will be a real travesty.

Theo gets what he deserves

Even though Theo has been helping Liam – why I have no idea – that does not redeem him of all of the bloodshed. If you want to have a believable redemption arc for a truly awful character, he needs to sacrifice his life in place of another. I don’t see any scenario where Theo comes out looking like the good guy unless he pays the ultimate price to spare someone else, specifically if that person is Liam.

Derek finds some semblance of happiness

Our favorite sourwolf has seen his fair share of death and destruction, not to mention brutally lost several family members. If anyone deserves to find some happiness we think it’s Derek Hale. So let him ride off into the sunset with whomever makes him happiest and live a quiet life from here on out!

Stiles acknowledging Malia’s existence

It’s been two seasons and Stiles and Malia’s breakup still doesn’t make a lick of sense to me. She was the most supportive girlfriend and trusted and leaned on Stiles, only for him to break things off and never speak to her??? I hope we get to see these two interacting in the finale and teaming up to save everyone they love. Maybe Stiles can even give Malia and Scott his blessing?

Remembering those who have departed Beacon Hills

Once an actor/actress exits Teen Wolf it seems the character they played is also long forgotten. It would be nice if the series let us know how Isaac, Kira and Cora are doing – just to name a few. As far as we know they are still alive so it would be great if the series acknowledged that and gave us some closure before we permanently say goodbye to Teen Wolf.

Series ends with Scott and Stiles

Since Teen Wolf began with this dynamic duo, it only feels fitting that the series also ends with them. These two have had each other’s backs from the very beginning and was the one constant relationship on the series. If we have to say farewell to our favorite pair – with tears in our eyes of course – we want to make sure we leave them the way we found them, brothers through thick and thin!

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  1. Dee Miller says:

    I would love to see the show end with Scott and Stiles too. If they wrap it up with answering all our questions that would help too. Personally I think it should end with Beacon Hills burning to the ground. I’m with you. Why would anyone want to live there much less attend the high school or God forbid have to go to that hospital! Great article! Love your writing!

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