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I am taking on a mission more treacherous than those even Jace and Alec have faced, I am attempting to dissect each and every current ship on Shadowhunters—no matter how brief. While I am partial to certain ships, Malec and Jacemaia certainly among my favorites, I am going to weigh the pros and cons of all so we may get a deeper understanding of each relationship in this universe.

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I think it’s a fair assumption to say that Malec is by far the most universally accepted and beloved ship of the series. There was an undeniable attraction from the moment Magnus and Alec met, and these two have grown more passionate for one another with each passing day. They fight hard for their love and bring out the absolute best in each other. Both Magnus and Alec have struggled with their sexuality and it’s wonderful to see these two beautiful individuals coming into their own through the strength they gain by being with each other. This power couple also helps to bridge the gap between Shadowhunters and Downworlders and prove that love can truly overcome any obstacle. Not to mention this is one stunning pairing! The only con in their relationship is that they have to constantly fight for one another, as their loyalties are always tested being from two different worlds. There are times when their duties cause a riff in their romance, but at the end of the day Magnus and Alec will always choose each other.


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Where to even begin with Clace, the most complicated and angsty ship on Shadowhunters. Clary and Jace spent the better part of Season 1 falling for each other, only to learn that they may be related. While this unsurprisingly put a stop to their romance, Jace learned at the end of Season 2A that he was not Valentine’s son—thus making him not related to Clary, as previously thought. Their relationship has certainly been rocky and has been void of any romance as Clary had moved on with her best friend, Simon. Now thanks to the Seelie Queen and her vindictive ways, it seems romance is a possibility once again for Clace. While I do not condone hurting Simon as he was witness to that Seelie Court kiss, Jace and Clary have had an unexplainable attraction to one another from the beginning. They feel connected to one another—whether it’s their shared angel blood or the fact that they make a strong team—and it seems Clary and Jace will always make their way back to one another. One of the biggest cons in their relationship is they somehow have to get passed the fact that they once thought they were related and still share a “father” in Valentine. It will be interesting to see how this series handles this coupling moving forward.

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It’s no secret that from the start of the series, Simon has always had a deep love for Clary. These two share a special bond and a friendship like none other, and are always in each other’s corner. Season 2A sparked the beginnings of something more than friendship between these two and soon they were embarking on a romantic relationship together. All seemed like rainbows and butterflies between these lovebirds—they really are THAT couple that flaunts their affections for each other in everyone’s faces—until that unexpected/expected Seelie Court kiss between Jace and Clary. Now it seems their romance will be put to the test and they may be calling it quits while Clary sorts out her feelings for Jace. While I do think relationships that start as a friendship first have a higher chance of succeeding, there were certainly cons to their courtship. Clary has always harbored feelings for Jace and it’s evident Simon’s feelings for Clary are stronger than her feelings for him. Not to mention he has to be in complete control of his vampire abilities in her presence and things always had the potential to get messy. Pretty much this relationship was doomed from the start and we hope both parties can walk away from it with their friendship still intact.

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While this is a more recent development and appears to be short lived, there is no denying the electric chemistry between Jace and Maia. These two sexy individuals ignited our television screens at the end of “Those of Demon Blood” with their fiery hookup, finally acting on that sexual tension that’s been building in their love/hate relationship since the moment they met. It may be surprising to some viewers seeing as it’s a huge departure from the books that Shadowhunters is loosely based on, but it actually makes a lot of sense these two would find comfort in one another. Jace and Maia may have started off on the wrong foot, but their scars and the hardships they’ve experienced give them the ability to understand each other in a way others cannot. Having been survivors of abuse and never truly knowing who their family is, Jace and Maia can connect on a real and deep level and help each other heal. Maia challenges Jace in a way he’s not used to and Jace accepts Maia for the strong willed and outspoken woman she is. The obvious con to their relationship is they both clearly have feelings for someone else and mutually used each other to try and forget that. While this pairing has little chance of longevity, I am extremely grateful this came to fruition no matter how brief. Especially considering it was written into the series due to Dominic Sherwood and Alisha Wainwright’s incredible on screen chemistry! Even if it’s not romantic, I hope to see many more interactions between these two for seasons to come.

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Simon and Maia may have only flirted with the idea of a romantic relationship, but this would certainly make for an adorable pairing. Even though they only went on a single date that didn’t go so well—thanks to Jace’s somewhat unhelpful dating advice—t’s evident these two thoroughly enjoy being around one another. Simon makes Maia laugh and let loose and Maia indulges Simon’s dorky side without judgement. Their relationship is very playful and they are able to bond over the fact they are both Downworlders. While there is a lot of potential for romance, the biggest con is Simon choosing Maia only because Clary ultimately doesn’t choose him—should she act on her feelings for Jace. I definitely have a soft spot for these two lovable beings, I just don’t want to watch Maia be second fiddle to Clary. Hopefully if they do give into their attraction to each other, Simon treats Maia like the queen she is.

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One of the more controversial parings on the series, Raphael and Izzy have embarked on a uneasy and unhealthy relationship based on mutual addiction. Thanks to Victor Aldertree’s poor advice, Izzy grew addicted to Yin Fen and turned to Raphael to fuel her bad habit. Each headed down a dark path and are only now finding themselves again. I think it’s fair to say the cons far out way the pros in this relationship, even if it seems they do really care for each other deep down. Had Raphael and Izzy started on better terms, maybe their mutual attraction would have been welcomed rather than worrisome. I did very much applaud Raphael for watching Izzy’s back when it comes to Sebastian, as he has taken quite an interest in her and she’s been through enough. When it comes to Rizzy I hope only friendship is in their future, but with the series veering away from the source material who knows what’s ahead.

What’s your favorite ship on the series? Hit the comments below and watch Shadowhunters on Mondays at 8/7c on Freeform.

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  1. mel says:

    malec is an inspiration and helped many people to accept themselves including me. no need for further explanation tbh. jacemaia or jaia was the best thing to happen so it’s sad to see it go really. these two made people who are not watching to show watch the show. simonmaia was also amazing i hope we come back to them. for others i didnt really care. clace is fan service just because book readers want them so much and would bully show writers if they dont get what they want but clace dont really work for me on the show i really dont care abt that pairing like many nonreader show watchers. i dont think a single person wanted to watch the show because of clace. anyway climon amd rizzy could be better in other circumstances but theyre a nope for me.

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