Shadowhunters: Nothing Mundane About Our Favorite Moments of Season 2B


It seems like just yesterday that we were gearing up for the summer premiere of Shadowhunters, and now here we are just a few hours away from the summer finale! This season has been quite the rollercoaster ride featuring some of the best moments on the series to date—which made narrowing down our favorites quite the task. Below we discuss in detail some of the most memorable moments from this season in preparation for what’s sure to be an unforgettable summer finale!

Episode: Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen / Scene: Flashback to Malec’s morning after

One of the best episodes of the series featured an array of wonderful Malec moments—but the beautiful morning after scene of Malec’s first time together was one we won’t soon forget. Seeing these two be happy together while basking in the warm sunlight brought a tear to our eyes. It was a tender, honest moment between two people who deeply love one another and was a much needed change of pace for a season filled with brutality and darkness. It was also one of the rare times we see a vulnerable Magnus and a more relaxed and playful Alec. Basically we need several more scenes like this between our favorite couple on the series.

Episode: Hail and Farewell / Scene: Jace and Jonathan fight on the bridge

Possibly the best fight scene on the series thus far, the showdown between Jace and Jonathan was nothing short of intense and exciting. We’ve been waiting all season for these two to go hand-to-hand. It did not disappoint, especially with Jace throwing his jabs at Jonathan both vocally and physically. Jace also had one of our favorite lines with, “You care to find out who is the best JC once and for all?” before the two challenged each other. The scene was elevated by Izzy coming to Jace’s rescue when it appeared Jonathan had him in his crosshairs—allowing her some retribution for what had been done to her family. Even though Jace appeared to have fatally wounded Jonathan with a move they were both taught by Valentine, we don’t think we’ve seen the last of him.

Episode: Those of Demon Blood / Scene: Alec becomes the head of the Institute

There is no arguing that Alec Lightwood deserved to be the head of the Institute so it was very satisfying watching Jace hand over the position to his very capable brother and parabatai. While we wonder how it could possibly be that easy for Jace to just hand over the title without some kind of written contract, we are very grateful he knew Alec was more suited for the position. It was also a nice family bonding moment, what with Izzy being the only other person present when the exchange happened. Bonus points for the first assignment Alec gave to Jace—thus proving he was going to be an incredible leader.

Episode: Those of Demon Blood / Scene: Jace and Maia make amends

The above leads us into our other favorite moment in the episode: the somewhat unexpected, but sexy hookup between Jace and Maia outside the Hunters Moon. We’ve seen these two fight and flirt all season, and it was only a matter of time before they acted on the sexual tension growing between them. It was equally delightful to see these two find common ground as well as find a little enjoyment amongst all the doom and gloom. There is a natural chemistry between Jace and Maia, and while we know romance isn’t in their future, we do hope these two can eventually become friends and trusted allies.

Episode: The Fair Folk / Scene: Meeting the Seelie Queen

This episode saw Jace, Clary, and Simon taking a trip to the Seelie realm to meet with the Seelie Queen at her request. In a very surprising introduction, the Seelie Queen was portrayed to be much younger than previously thought, and it turned out to be a very welcome twist. Her age allowed her to seem innocent even though she is one of the most deadly beings in the Downworld; they would later play a game that would put both Jace’s and Simon’s life in jeopardy. Our favorite part of their visit was when they sat down to have a meal with the Queen even though she was the only one to take a bite of anything. She was interested to know more about Jace and Clary’s angelic gifts. She also took a liking to Simon and offered him a place in her court, but he turned her down. The Seelie Queen plays a big role in the finale, and this scene gave us insight on just how conniving she can be.

Episode: Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen / Scene: Luke asserts himself as leader of the pack

While we would follow Luke to the ends of the Earth, some of his pack members don’t share that same sentiment yet. A fellow werewolf, Russell, dared to challenge Luke for his position as leader of the pack, and Luke, once again, proved why he was more than up for the challenge. Even though Russell wanted them to fight to the death Luke showed him mercy as he has never been one to needlessly end other’s lives to prove his own dominance. Forever the peacekeeper, Luke is always trying to find the nonviolent answer to problems that arise and to maintain the uneasy alliance between the Downworlders and the Clave. There is no person better equipped to handle what lies ahead, and this great fight scene displayed exactly that.

Episode: Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen / Scene: Clary learns Sebastian is in fact Jonathan

In a clever move, Clary remembers that Jonathan’s demon blood causes him to react to electrum and will thus force him to reveal himself. Thinking he is more clever than Clary, Jonathan attempts to hide his reaction from her but she soon learns that Jonathan has been pretending to be Sebastian all along. Coming face to face with her deceitful, demon blooded brother, Clary escapes his grasps with what she believes to be the Mortal Mirror; she later learns the mirror is Lake Lyn. It was refreshing to see her come to her own rescue and reminded us that she was born to be a Shadowhunter.

Episode: Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen / Scene: Maia opens up about her past to Simon

In a touching and incredibly heartbreaking moment, Maia explains to Simon how she became a werewolf and why she is so weary of getting romantically involved with anyone. Maia received the scars on her neck from her ex-boyfriend Jordan, who turned her into a werewolf without her permission in a moment of rage after she ended her relationship with him. He was the first boy she ever loved, and his betrayal left lasting repercussions, making it difficult for her to trust others. Simon took to heart what Maia said and reflected everything we were feeling with Maia’s powerful confession. In a series devoted to the supernatural, these raw character moments keep the series grounded and allow the actors involved to do some of their finest work.

Episode: A Problem of Memory / Scene: Magnus opens up to Alec about a traumatic moment from his past

Speaking of raw character moments, Magnus shared a traumatic event of his own with Alec after his recent body swap with Valentine. In a rare moment of vulnerability, Magnus told Alec about how both his mother and stepfather died and how he carries the weight of it on his shoulders. Feeling responsible for their deaths, he explained to Alec he never wanted Alec to see “this ugly side of him.” Alec then countered that statement by saying there is nothing ugly about him and pulled him in for a tender hug. With Magnus consistently enjoying what life has to offer—especially if life is offering fancy cocktails—it’s easy to forget the things he’s seen and done over the many years he’s been alive. This moment was a reminder of that and allowed us to see yet another layer of Magnus Bane.

Episode: Mea Maxima Culpa / Scene: Jace feels the repercussions of the Soul Sword

With the finale fast approaching, it seems only right to reflect back on one of the most memorable moments of the summer premiere. With parabatai moments being few and far between this season, it was nice to see Alec comforting Jace after he allowed himself to feel the repercussions of activating the Soul Sword. Even though Jace was raised to believe that emotions cloud his judgment, he needed to grieve over the lives he unintentionally ended due to Valentine’s deception. He also very much needed his parabatai to help him through it. Jace has spent the better part of this season taking responsibilities for his actions, and this scene showed us how deeply Jace is impacted by his own choices and how much he truly feels.

We don’t know much about the summer finale of Shadowhunters, but what we do know is there is no way we are prepared for what’s to come. After a season filled with heartbreak, brutality, and a few near-death experiences, how this season will end is anyone’s guess. We know at least one character isn’t making it out of the finale alive…and we aren’t entirely sure we will either!

Watch what the cast had to say about the season finale below:

What were your favorite moments of the season 2B? Hit the comments below and make sure to watch the season finale of Shadowhunters tonight at 8/7c on Freeform!


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    I loved the Parabatai scene on the rooftop, where Jace feels the repercussions of the Soul Sword and Alec conforts him! We don’t see much of them, despite the parabatai bond being such an important connection! Hopefully the authors will explore it more in Season 3!

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