Shadowhunters: Awake, Arise, and Be Forever Moved By Malec


After watching the episode not once, not twice, but SEVERAL times we have concluded that “Awake, Arise or Be Forever Fallen” is one of the best Shadowhunters episodes to date. Not only did it have important character building moments and hinted at what’s to come in the final episodes of the season, it gave us the Malec backstory we sorely craved. Let’s talk about Malec’s big moments in this memorable episode and where we think our favorite couple is headed.

Alec Spends the Night at Magnus’

This was a nice callout to season one and gave us some insight as to what transpired between Alec and Magnus the night Magnus invited Alec to stay for a drink. It seems they both had enough to drink where they needed to crash on the couch—separate couches as Magnus politely pointed out to a concerned Alec. Both were slightly worried as to what this would mean if anyone found out, but couldn’t help but trust one another. This flashback nicely ties into the overall plot of the episode and further explains why Alec breaking Magnus’ trust hurt him so deeply.

Malec Gets Intimate

As you may recall in “How Are Thou Fallen” we saw Alec playfully push Magnus into his bedroom, and then we were left to our own imagination as to what transpired from there. In this episode, we finally got to see what happened behind closed doors and it was absolutely magical. Both Magnus and Alec don’t easily open themselves up to others and heavily guard their emotions, so to see them being so open and honest with one another was really wonderful. We got to see Malec exploring each another and being deeply affectionate, only deepening their bond and their love for one another. It was also the first time Magnus revealed his cat eyes to Alec, to which he called them “beautiful” and left Magnus wearing one of the most heartwarming smiles we have ever seen. Not to mention this put to bed all those rumors of Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. being hesitant to do intimate scenes together.

Magnus Breaks Alec’s Heart—and Our Hearts as Well

Magnus spent the better part of the episode trying to decide if he can be with Alec AND make the right choices for his people. With the Seelie Queen giving him limited time to decide whether to join her fight to stop Valentine, thus breaking the accords with the Shadowhunters, Magnus watched as the petals on the rose she gave him turned black one by one signaling his need to make a decision soon. While he stood by Alec in his time of need as they waited to see if Max would recover from his injuries endured during Jonathan’s wrath, Magnus decided he couldn’t be with Alec and make the right choices as the High Warlock of Brooklyn. In one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, Magnus parted ways with a tearful Alec with a heavy heart and holding back tears of his own. It’s clear as day how much love these two have for one another despite the odds stacked against them, so we are hopeful they will reunite sooner rather than later. What is Shadowhunters without this one true pairing?!

Even though it broke our hearts to see Magnus and Alec go separate ways, it goes to show how much Magnus cares for his fellow Warlocks and doing what is right by them. Magnus has sacrificed a lot to be with Alec and continually aids Shadowhunters with their never-ending problems, so it was important for him to put his people first. It also gives Alec space to focus on the crucial decisions he needs to make that will greatly impact the downworld. I think their *temporary* break up is an essential step in their relationship and once they find their way back to each other Malec will be stronger than ever.

Make sure to catch the final episodes of season 2b of Shadowhunters Monday nights at 8/7c on Freeform!

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