Shadowhunters 2B: Five Things We Know About New Season

Shadowhunters 2B

While the wait was almost as treacherous as Valentine, Shadowhunters is finally back in ONE WEEK and we couldn’t possibly be more excited! Oh, how we’ve missed Clary and company gracing our television screens week after week. In preparation for the premiere of season 2B, here are five things we know—so far—about the upcoming season.

1. Clary & Jace learn more about their angelic blood

Last season found Jace unintentionally activating the Soul Sword and thus learning he has angel blood, not demon blood like Valentine had wrongfully, although purposefully, suggested. We know these two will work together to discover more about their angel blood capabilities and how they can utilize it to help protect those they love. We also know Clary will continue to visualize runes, though we don’t know yet what exactly is causing this.

2. Malec’s relationship will continue to grow, but not without obstacles 

No relationship is perfect—not even Malec’s. While we know this upcoming season will have them facing some challenges in the wake of the Soul Sword being activated, we have no doubt their bond is strong enough to weather the impending storm(s). With the ever growing divide between the Shadowhunters and the Downworlders, we’re sure this will put both Magnus and Alec in a precarious situation. At least there’s more heartwarming scenes to look forward to between our favorite couple and we couldn’t possibly be happier! After all it can’t be all doom and gloom.

3. Love Triangle Drama

While we aren’t the biggest fan of love triangles, we are a fan of any scene that includes Clary, Jace and Simon interacting. Thanks to the Soul Sword and its ability to make one reveal the truth, Jace found out Valentine is not his father thus making Clary not his sister. It’s no secret that both Jace and Simon harbor deep romantic feelings for Clary and it seems she will have a choice to make once she learns the truth about Jace. While we want to see Clary happy with whoever she chooses, we very much prefer it doesn’t damage the growing friendship between Jace and Simon. We do know Simon will take his newfound Daylighter status very seriously and shares a bond with Jace as a result of it. Much like seasons past, Simon and Jace will bicker like an old couple and provide much needed comic relief to otherwise trying times. No matter who Clary ultimately chooses in the end, we hope these three can find a way to live together in harmony.

4. Sebastian is introduced 

After months of teasing, we finally get to meet the much anticipated Sebastian—and he appears to be a real charmer. In a sneak peek recently released, we see him interacting with Izzy and offering his assistance with her Yin Fen addiction. According to Sebastian, he suffered from a previous Yin Fen addiction himself and knows how to overcome it. He then offers her a temporary cure and insists she spends the evening indoors to recover. While we desperately want Izzy to overcome her addiction, Sebastian lays the charm on extra thick which makes us immediately deem him untrustworthy. Fans of the book series that the show is loosely based on know we have every right to be suspicious of this London-based Shadowhunter. It also appears Sebastian will work to gain Clary’s trust and displays some killer combat skills. While the character is shrouded in mystery, we have no doubt he will play a major role in everyone’s journey from here on out.

5. Possible Downworlder uprising

We expected major fallout after the Soul Sword activation, so we’re not entirely surprised there’s a possible Downworlder uprising on the horizon. Our friends in the Downworld have every right to be upset by the Clave’s handling of Valentine and lack of ability to come to the defense of those they swore to protect. Not to mention many of them put their trust in Jace, who unfortunately and unintentionally was responsible for the deaths of several Downworlders. Through teasers released for the upcoming season, we know Magnus will be put in the middle of this impending struggle and some of our favorite dwellers of the Downworld will ultimately have to choose who they will align with. No doubt bonds will be tested and retribution will be made. Basically we are in for one hell of a season!

What are you most looking forward to? Hit the comments below and watch the premiere of Shadowhunters season 2B on June 5th at 8/7c on Freeform!

Photo Credit: Freeform/John Medland


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