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The Gifted

This fall, all eyes will be on Fox’s new show, The Gifted. Based on Marvel’s X-Men comics, The Gifted follows two parents who take their family on the run after discovering their children have mutant abilities. While you’re probably wondering if the show will cross over with the film franchise or Legion, we’re sad to report that it’s not going to happen. The cast broke the news at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, but nothing will stop the show from being one of the most anticipated new series of 2017. I mean, look at the star-studded cast: Stephen Moyer (True Blood), Amy Acker (Angel), Sean Teale (Skins), Jamie Chung (Big Hero 6), Coby Bell (Burn Notice), Emma Dumont (T@gged), Blair Redford (Switched at Birth), Natalie Alyn Lind (Gotham), and Percy Hynes White (Between). Pop-Culturalist sat down with the cast at San Diego Comic-Con and learned a ton, plus we got an extended trailer, which you can enjoy below!

On the Importance of a show like The Gifted
“I love the idea of otherness being championed and disenfranchised members of society being able to fight back. Any chance that we get to scratch the surface of what’s going on the world is a great thing.” — Stephen Moyer

On Bringing Thunderbird to Live Action
“Whenever I take on any role, I like to get as much concrete research on that person or that character. I scooped up everything from the comics. I chatted with Bryan Singer and Matt Nix to get any ideas about the history and what they wanted to build into it. There’s a lot of cool stuff with Thunderbird. In our story, they’re going to take him more towards special forces, so that’ll aid him in having a leadership role.” — Blair Redford

On Playing a Strong Female Character (Blink)
“It’s extremely important to represent strong female characters, especially after something like Wonder Woman. It was inspiring. It also puts pressure on creatives to make interesting storylines where you’re not just the love interest, the girl next store, or something so boring. You’ll meet really strong female personalities in this series.” — Jamie Chung

On Creating Eclipse
“I had a lot of freedom coming into the show because Eclipse doesn’t have a mythology to stand by, but that’s also a downside. I’d like to be coming in like the other three mutants do with some knowledge of who this mutant was, but I get to bring Eclipse into this universe.” — Sean Teale

On What Drew Them to the Project
“Marvel, X-Men, Bryan Singer, everyone attached to the project.” — Natalie Alyn Lind & Percy Hynes White

The Gifted premieres on Monday, October 2 on Fox! and don’t forget to follow the show on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Photo Credit: Scott Kirkland/FOX


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