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Dallas Hart

For any actor, landing their dream role is no easy feat, but for Dallas Hart, it’s become a reality. This up-and-coming talent stars as Leo, the resident rocker and leader of The Ravens, on Netflix’s can’t-miss new series, Greenhouse Academy. The show follows two rival houses who must band together to foil an evil plot. It’s a role that combines two of Dallas’ biggest passions in life: music and acting. Pop-Culturalist sat down with Dallas to chat about Greenhouse Academy, how he learned he booked the show, and what it’s like being featured on the title track.

Greenhouse Academy Questions

P-C: Can you tell us about Greenhouse Academy and how you got involved with this project?
Dallas: Yeah! I auditioned and then went through a three-day chemistry read/testing process with a thousand other guys who looked like me, testing for the same role, and luckily, I managed to book it. We then flew to Tel Aviv, Israel to film. It was an incredible four months.

I’m one of the leads on the show. The best way to describe Greenhouse Academy is it’s kind of like Harry Potter without the magic. There are two teams—The Eagles and The Ravens—and they have competitions with each other. I’m the leader of The Ravens. They’re more artsy as opposed to The Eagles, who are more into sports.

P-C: The show is based off a Nickelodeon series. Were you familiar with that before you auditioned?
Dallas: Yes, I was! They told us about it.

P-C: What are some of the major differences between the two?
Dallas: It was hard finding footage online for the original show, but they sent us the first episode, and there are definitely more similarities than differences. Obviously, the language is different. Other than that, the school and characters are very similar.

P-C: What about this character in the show resonated with you?
Dallas: He’s like the cool kid in the school, which I never really was, but it’s just cool knowing that I could be that. He’s also a musician, which is also a huge passion of mine. I always go for roles that have some kind of music element involved.

P-C: Talking about music, you’re featured on the title track. How did that come to fruition?
Dallas: I actually didn’t even know I was doing it this whole time! They put me in the studio right when we started filming and I recorded a couple of songs, and then, while we were filming the scene for the opening segment, they started playing the song. They told me it was going to be the title song! It was crazy. It’s the first song that everyone’s going to hear on the show on Netflix in 190 countries.

P-C: What was the most rewarding part about this experience?
Dallas: Definitely getting to travel out of the country, and basically, when I wasn’t working, I was on vacation. I would go to the beach on the weekends and then get to film the next day.

P-C: Do you have a favorite on or off-set moment with the cast?
Dallas: Yeah! It was really cool how they told us we booked it because on the third day of casting. They brought all of us back and said that we were going to continue to test more, but they walked us into a room and they had our headshots on the wall and it was like, ‘Welcome to the Greenhouse cast’ and we all just started screaming. I have the video of it somewhere. We were like ‘We’re going to Israel’ and it was just a great bonding moment that we all had.

P-C: If Greenhouse Academy was actually a school, what house would you belong to?
Dallas: Definitely The Ravens!

Career Questions

P-C: When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in entertainment?
Dallas: I’ve been acting since I was a little kid. I was making movies since I was four or five years old, but I didn’t know I wanted to do it professionally until I was maybe 13 or 14. I went to an acting camp and they had real agents come in and they wanted to sign me and I was like, ‘Am I booking a job?’

P-C: What advice would you give to somebody loading to break into the industry?
Dallas: Definitely just never give up. The only people that haven’t made it are the ones that left town, went back home, or just gave up because it got too hard for them. If you keep pushing, you’re going to make it.

P-C: Do you have a dream role?
Dallas: Leo is a dream role. I’ll have to find a new one. Maybe an action hero-type role? That would be cool.

P-C: Very cool. You talked a little bit about your interest in acting and music. Are there any plans to release any original music in the future?
Dallas: Yes. I’m working on music right now. I’ve been working with other artists, to get my name a little more well-known, and then I’m going to release my own stuff. I’m hoping to release some music before the end of the year.

Dallas Hart

Pop-Culturalist Speed Round

P-C: Guilty pleasure TV show?
Dallas: Probably Supernatural

P-C: Guilty pleasure movie?
Dallas: Dear John

P-C: Favorite social media platform?
Dallas: Instagram

P-C: A band or artist that fans would be surprised to learn is on your playlist?
Dallas: Lady Gaga

Make sure to follow Dallas on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and don’t forget to check out Greenhouse Academy on Netflix today!


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