Man Crush Monday: Milo Ventimigilia

Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Ventimigilia is coming back to television, everybody! He will be on NBC’s new fall show, This is Us as Jack. While we’re eagerly anticipating the show, we’re also excited to see Milo….so obviously he’s our Man Crush Monday. Let’s take a look at why he should be yours, too.

#TeamJess. Ok, so, Milo Ventimigilia has had one of those careers where, for better or for worse, fans will always see him as a particular character. For me (and countless others), he will always be bad-boy Jess from Gilmore Girls. I mean, I still squeal a little bit watching his relationship with Rory and Jess unfold.

Milo Ventimigilia Gilmore Girls

He supports his costars and friends. If you read through his Twitter feed, you’ll see compliments upon compliments for all his costars and friends. His recent praise has mostly been heaped upon his costars for This is Us….which is getting us pretty stoked for the show.

He is great with his fans. Not only was Milo memorable on Gilmore Girls (who’s excited for that Netflix return this fall?!), but he was also in several other tv shows and films that become fan favorites. From his stint on Heroes as Peter Petrelli to Gotham to voicing Wolverine in the animated series, Milo Ventimiglia has garnered a bucket load of fans. He recently attended the Heroes & Villain Fan Fest (we did too!), and he was incredibly gracious, chatty, and friendly with all the fans he encountered. That is the mark of a class act.

And, of course, this goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: he is quite easy on the eyes. 

Milo Ventimiglia Heroes

For more of our #MCM, we’ll be tuning in tomorrow to the premiere of This is Us…and we’ll be #TeamMilo.


Photo Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/NBC


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