Fan-Favorite Wynonna Earp Get S3 Pick Up

Wynonna Earp

We’re having the best case of déjà vu. Syfy and IDW Entertainment announced today that breakout supernatural series, Wynonna Earp, will return for Season 3—expected to premiere in 2018. You’ll probably remember that it was here where we first learned about the Season 2 renewal. And they’ve done it again.

It was a special moment for everyone involved including the fans, who have continued to show their unwavering support throughout. But especially on social media, using the hashtag #RenewWynonnaEarp. Well, Earpers, YOU made it happen. Check out the special moment below and try to hold back the tears:

Earlier in the day, the cast, creator, and writer spoke to the press. And it was clear, the support they’ve seen through social media has meant more to them than they could ever express.

“It’s amazing to meet all the fans. It’s really special. The fandom feels like a family. They’re all about love,” stated Dominique Provost-Chalkley (Waverly Earp). Katherine Barrell (Nicole Haught) added “It’s wonderful. We meet a lot of fans online and it’s always fun to put faces to names. Our show kills social media.” Varun Saranga (Jeremy Chetri), who wasn’t familiar with Twitter before joining the series, loves the fan reactions: “Typically, when you’re on TV, you don’t get to see the interaction with your work. It’s been so nice.”

“I’ll never get use to it. This is so amazing. When I’m on Twitter, I’m like ‘Wow, they actually like me.’ It’s so flattering and humbling that you guys all really love us that much and show so much interest and show up. It’s always a fear of any artist that you go to a panel and there’s no one there. We’re so grateful for that,” added Shamier Anderson (Agent Dolls). Showrunner Emily Andras held back tears as she expressed what the fandom has meant to her, “We filmed the whole first season and wondered if people would get this. It’s been the professional joy of my life, to see this fandom grow. I’m going to get all emotional. The fandom reflects what we’re trying to do with the show. It’s so warm, inclusive, and respectful. It’s a dream come true.”

Wynonna Earp fans, what are you most excited to see next season?


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