5 Reasons Why You Should be Watching Marvel’s Runaways

Marvel's Runaways

The Marvel Universe got a little bigger in 2017, especially on the small screen. They’ve proven once again that they’ve mastered the art of bringing beloved characters off the page and into a live-action format. Where others have faltered, Marvel has thrived. This year saw the arrival of Fox’s The Gifted, FX’s Legion, Netflix’s Iron Fist, The Defenders, and The Punisher, ABC’s soon-to-be-forgotten Inhumans, and Hulu’s Runaways (the first collaboration between the premium streaming service and Marvel). While each brought their own unique flair to a market that at times can feel over saturated, one stood out above the rest: Runaways.

Adapted from the comics written by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona, Runaways is a coming-of-age tale that finds six teenagers with emerging abilities who must band together to stop a crime organization called Pride. It’s a familiar concept that you’ve seen before, but this is a fresh and well-developed interpretation that’s spun on its head. Take for instance, Pride. The organization is led by the parents of our six heroes who may or may not be actually be evil, but rather, they may be victims of their own circumstances. This is one of the many twists that the series has in store and one of the reasons why you should be tuning into Runaways….but if you aren’t already convinced, here are four other reasons why Runaways is a can’t-miss and one of the fall’s best.

The Dynamic Duo

Stephanie Savage and Josh SchwartzPhoto Credit: Josh Schwartz’s Twitter

Showrunners Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz know a thing or two about developing and creating YA-television programs that appeal to the masses. Maybe you’ve heard of The O.C. or Gossip Girl? Runaways clearly could not be in better hands. The pair has, for the most part, remained true to the source material, but they’ve added their own take, which has elevated the storyline. One of these major changes includes focusing on the parents and providing more insights into the motives behind the decisions they’ve made.

The Runaways

Lyrica Okano, Rhenzy Feliz, Allegra Acosta, Virginia Gardner, Ariela Barer, Gregg SulkinPhoto Credit: Greg Lewis/Hulu

It’s one of the strongest casts ever assembled (across television and film), and we don’t say that lightly. Runaways brings together six up-and-coming actors who are delivering performances that will have you in serious awe. Each plays their high school archetype to a T, but with these multifaceted characters, there’s more than meets the eye, and this cast brings each layer to the surface. Our hats go off to Virginia Gardner, Lyrica Okano, Ariela Barer, Gregg Sulkin, Rhenzy Feliz, and Allegra Acosta. Remember these names because we’re expecting huge things ahead!

Old Lace

Gert & Old LacePhoto Credit: Hulu

You didn’t think we’d leave the genetically engineered dinosaur off our list, did you? Whew, because we didn’t! Gertrude “Gert” Yorkes is a kick-butt feminist who shares a psychic bond with her pet dinosaur, Old Lace, and if you can’t already tell, we’re pretty jealous.

Breaking the Mold

Marvel's RunawaysPhoto Credit: Paul Sarkis/Hulu

It’s crazy to fathom that we’re still talking about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, but with shows like Runaways, this could be a thing of the past. It’s a trailblazing series that embraces many different cultures. It’ll be easy for audiences to identify with and relate to the characters, as well as feel represented on screen.

We know you’re excited to binge-watch Runaways. The first nine episodes are now available on Hulu.


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