10 Best Moments from Foursome Season 2


Can you believe it? Today’s the Season 2 finale of Foursome. Where did the time go? No, seriously, where? Ten episodes have come and gone (and far too quickly we might add). And if you missed any episode along the way, don’t worry! The entire series is available for your binge-watching pleasure on YouTube Red.

Foursome is an addictive series by AwesomenessTV. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? Add it to your queue. Like right now! We’ll wait…done? Perfect!

Foursome follows a group of BFFs as they take on high school. It’s well-written, original, and always has us laughing out loud. And the second season is even better than the first. No sophomore slump here.

In honor of the season finale, we’ve compiled our 10 favorite moments from Season 2. And trust us, it was hard to narrow it down! Without further ado…


A New Andie Fixler

Season 2 introduced us to a new and improved Andie Fixler. In an empowering moment this season, she finally stands up to her overbearing big brother, Alec. She tells him that she’s all grown up and he needs to get on board or out of her life. All we can say is “You go, girl!”

Mr. Zapp & Dakota

Dakota Finds Chemistry with Mr. Zapp

Well, not really. Whether Dakota’s “gaydar” was off or not, any scene between Dakota and his substitute teacher had us rolling on the floor. All season long, Dakota thought Mr. Zapp was sending him signals. Sadly, it was all in his head. But, hey, who wouldn’t have a crush on Connor Weil, I mean Mr. Zapp?

Courtney and Alec

Couples Therapy

Alec and Courtney put the fun in dysfunctional. We love the banter they shared during their scene at couples counseling. While it didn’t help the pair stay together, we hope they find their way back to each other before the end of the season.


There’s a New Kid in Town

There’s no denying the chemistry between the cast of Foursome. So, it’s hard to imagine anyone coming in and joining the cast. That is unless your name is Rahart Adams. The Australian up-and-comer does that effortlessly with his character, Kent. He’s the new kid in school and everyone is smitten by him. And we’re no different!


Nothing’s Breaking Up this Foursome…Not Even an Earthquake

Foursome always delivers the laughs. But, they’re plenty of “aww” moments too. When Courtney starts to feel disconnected from her foursome, they come together to show her how important she really is. And let’s just say, we definitely shed a tear.


Dakota: The King of One Liners

Anytime Dakota opens his mouth, hilarity ensues. He always keeps it real. Even Jenn McAllister loves his one-liners.


Imogen’s Love/Hate Relationship with Public School

We all know Imogen hates public school. Between the poor air quality and the overcrowded classrooms, she much rather be home-schooled. That is until she meets a French foreign exchange student, who helps her realize that the best part of public school? Well, it’s her foursome, of course!

Escape the Room

Escape the Room

Our favorite scene this season has to be when Dakota, Alec, Josh, and Kent take part in a game of Escape the Room. Alec had us in stitches since apparently, he didn’t get the memo that this wasn’t a real life situation. Yikes! We learned it’s also Cameron Moulène’s favorite scene. I mean, what’s not to like?

Team Josh or Team Kent

#TeamJosh or #TeamKent?

No show would be complete without a love triangle, amirite? We can’t figure out if we’re #TeamJosh or #TeamKent. Thankfully, we’re not Andie Fixler because we wouldn’t know who to choose. But, Josh won some serious brownie points with us when he helped Kent win Andie’s heart. Because in the end, he just wants her to be happy. Awww!!

Kent Stands Up to Alec

Kent Stands Up to Alec

It’s no secret that all the guys at school are afraid of Alec. Everyone except Kent Saydak. Tensions were high when Kent told Alec that he was taking Andie to the dance. How was Alec going to react? Nobody knew! And we were at the edge of our seats. Thankfully, he respected Kent for standing up to him.

What was your favorite moment this season? Tell us in the comments below.


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