Younger S4E7: Smooches Galore

Younger season 4 episode 7

So after the giant squeal moment last week, this week’s Younger begins right after. Liza has a crazy hot sex dream about Charles…and shows up to work expecting an awkward run-in, but, lo and behold, Charles took a sick day. Lucky for Liza, she can keep her mind off things by attending PitchFest which is like speed dating for unpublished authors and editors. Another stroke of luck? She meets Pauline Turner (Jennifer Westfeldt) who pitches her novel: a female write gets married, stops writing to raise a family, and decides to leave them to find herself again. Liza, obviously, feels an affinity with the story and Pauline.

Also, you know who else took a sick day? Kelsey. Not able to face work after her Zane and Moore fiasco, Kelsey heads to a cabin upstate with Lauren and Josh (although Kelsey fails to tell Liza that Josh is with them…hmmm…). The cabin is owned by someone Lauren knows and, of course, is decorated in penises. Like penises everywhere! Anyhoo. A seriously big moment happens at the cabin. Kelsey can’t sleep, and Josh gives her a lovely pep talk. He tells her that she’s the strongest person he knows. Then…THEY KISS. What has been subtly brewing this whole season between them finally happens. Kelsey stops it from going beyond one kiss (good friend!), but…STILL!

Back at the office, Liza is burning the midnight oil. Charles is there too. After fantasizing some more about Charles, Liza decides to go into his office to talk about what he said the other day. Then, big thing number two happens: THEY KISS. Like, hot steamy on the desk kissing. They get interrupted by the janitor, naturally, so Liza quickly tries to cover the situation up by showing Charles her exciting find from Pauline. Then, big thing number three happens: Pauline is Charles’s ex-wife!


In other goings-on in this episode, Richard’s college age son, Nathan, moves into Diana’s apartment “temporarily,” much to Diana’s chagrin. Those moments are, in true Diana fashion, hilarious.

Our favorite moments

“Not even during Hurricane Sandy when our power went out and he marched his thoroughbred thighs up 40 flights. So brave.” -Diana about Charles calling out sick.

“When one gazelle goes down, the herd continues.” -Diana

“I have been ‘shipping you two since you moved in together.” -Lauren to Kelsey after learning about Kelsey and Josh smooching.

“Don’t talk. All we do is talk.” -Charles to Liza in his office during their make out session. So. So. Good.


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