Younger S4E3: Through the Bonfire

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Quick recap for this week:

It’s all about Bonfire. Bonfire is an exclusive publishing retreat where the hotshots in the industry can chat about the future of publishing and basically party together. Kelsey and Liza are scheduled to speak on a panel there so these former best friends have to endure a wooded weekend trip (i.e. no cell service to distract either of them).

Before the retreat, Charles pulls Kelsey and Diana into his office to discuss the possibility of giving Liza a promotion and a raise. In ice queen mode, Kelsey disagrees which sends alarm bells ringing in Diana’s mind. So, Diana takes Liza to lunch to try to hint at mending fences with Kelsey so Liza’s career won’t be in jeopardy. Before Liza can begin to tell Diana about the real reason why Kelsey has been shafting her, Diana spots Richard’s ex-wife and goes over to talk to her. Needless to say, that doesn’t go over well.

At the Bonfire retreat, Kelsey doggedly pushes Liza to live her lie and be young (which apparently means heavily drinking, partying, and, as Kelsey does the first night there, have a one night stand). At first trying to appease Kelsey, Liza does try and keep up when they drink, but, when she pukes in a plant at the networking party, Liza gets fed up. She gives her card to a rival publisher (played by the wonderful Aasif Mandvi) who’s trying to poach her for their Millenial-esque imprint.

All is not lost for Kelsey and Liza, though. On the drive home, Liza gets a call that her daughter, Caitlin, is in the hospital after her appendix burst. Emergencies always bring people together. Kelsey is reminded that Liza is fiercely loyal, loving, and a caregiver for those she cares about; Kelsey’s iciness begins to thaw.

Two side notes: 1) Josh sneaks a peek at Kelsey undressing. Are they setting this relationship up?! Ahhh. 2) Maggie has offered to meet Josh on Liza’s behalf to do the grand post-breakup “returning of stuff.” Of course, they meet at the coffeeshop where Montana works, and she catches Josh’s eye. Obviously, Josh is going to be rebounding with her eventually. We’ll see how Maggie (and Liza) react to that one…

Our favorite moments:

-Diana being a mama bear. Her obvious concern for Liza so far this season is aw-inducing. Giving Liza some advice about her career and offering herself as a sound board for Liza’s troubles are great. Then, when it’s tempered by Diana’s continual self-involvement (like seeing Richard’s ex and cutting Liza off to talk about that), we’re reminded of why Diana is, hands down, the best character on Younger.

-Diana giving herself a pep talk: “You’re a goddess. You’re a goddess.”

-This entire exchange: Kelsey asks, “What?.” Liza, “Nothing.” Kelsey, “What is it Liza?” Liza, “Nothing. No big deal.” Kelsey, “Yeah. I was out all night. I slept with a stranger. I drank too much. I have no problem being who I am. So go ahead, don’t hold back, say what you were gonna say!” Liza deadpans, “Your tit’s out.”

-That game of Marry-Smush-Kill at the Bonfire retreat is everything. Genuinely laughed when Mandvi’s character answered that he would “kill Virginia Woolf, smush Jane Austen, and marry Charlotte Brontë.”

-Josh, Josh, Josh. Holy moly, he is so attractive. His pick-up line for Montana is not even that good (Josh: “Can I still get a drink?” Montana: “We close in two minutes so can you drink fast?” Josh: “Well, is there another place around here that will stay open later?” Montana: “Yeah, I’m sure there’s a lot of places.” Josh: “Will you be at any of them?” AND THAT’S ALL HE HAD TO SAY.). To be fair, if Josh said that to me, I’d still be all over him, too.

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