Younger S4E2: Get Hygge With It

Younger Hilary Duff Nico Tortella

Quick recap:
Kelsey and Josh continue to grow their roommate bond. They decide to never mention Liza’s name (good luck with that, Kelsey), and Kelsey heads off on a double date (Colin has come crawling back after his bad book reviews) with Lauren and Max. Liza does not approve and tells Kelsey she deserves better than Colin, but Kelsey doesn’t care because, well, Liza betrayed her, and they’re not friends anymore.

At work, Liza helps Charles with a back spasm. I couldn’t decide if that scene was cringeworthy or not because, you know, they’re at work with Liza rubbing all up on Charles. Also at work, Diana decides to host the book launch party for Empirical’s new hygge book (titled Get Hygge With It) at her apartment. Of course, at the hygge party, Kelsey brings Colin, only to realize he is still a jerk. Leaving him behind, she heads back to her new apartment in Brooklyn where Josh is having an impromptu party, complete with…jug band?! He and Kelsey dance, and once again I’m a little nervous about how their relationship is going to progress.

Oh, and Maggie meets a barista named Montana. She’s perky, blonde, and so into Maggie’s art that Maggie mistakenly thinks Montana is into her. She’s not. Maggie hires her as her studio assistant anyway. #cougar

Favorite Moments:

-Lauren has two great lines in this episode. The first being about Josh to Kelsey: “Are you sure you didn’t dry hump him at least? I mean, you guys are the same hotness level so I’d get it.” Her second best line is explaining to Max and Colin about Kelsey’s dating behavior and type: “She can’t help it. She’s a dopplebanger.”

-Diana and Liza go shopping for the hygge party together, and Diana exclaims, “Oh, that’s a body pillow. For girls that don’t have a man.” Also, this comment about candle scents: “Nostalgic snow? What is that, old snow? Isn’t that water?”

-When Kelsey and Liza have a “quiet” bathroom argument about Colin, Diana can’t help but overhear. The fact that she is so in Liza’s corner is the best. It also makes me nervous about when Diana discovers Liza’s secret. Diana has to stick around!

-Two stepping jug band. I mean it was so ridiculous that I rolled my eyes, but then I was like, “Wait, Josh is playing the washboard, and he’s so hot.”


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