Younger S4E12: The Wedding Bells Will Chime

Younger season 4 episode 12 finale

OK, so this Younger season finale was kind of crazy. I mean, it was slightly out-of-step with the set-up from the last episode where Liza admits she is in love with Charles because, suddenly, she gets caught up in Josh again (when will this triangle end!?).

So, Charles is shadily thrown under the bus at Good Morning America during Pauline’s segment thanks to Zane. He gets Kelsey in hot water since she couldn’t control it, and Charles is pissed. He never wanted to get drawn into the publicity for this book (aka the man wants to keep his private life private as much as possible), but, after this, good luck.

Liza has been summoned by Josh to Ireland. He’s announced that he and Clare are getting married, and he really needs Liza there. Perplexed and worried he’s rushing things, Liza takes Maggie and hops on a plane across the Atlantic. Why Kelsey didn’t come along since she’s so close with Josh now is a mystery.

Once they get there, Liza finds out that Josh and Clare want her there in case immigration asks any questions (because, duh, green card marriage). Liza is hesitant to lie for them, but, as they say, “pot calling kettle black” so she agrees. The night before the wedding, she even gives a little speech, while looking DIRECTLY at Josh, “When someone you love that much, you say yes. Believe me, you say yes.”

Josh gets super drunk after that because who wouldn’t?! Liza throwing him glances of love and regret? So Josh comes to Liza’s hotel room and basically says he’s still in love with her. He has one of the most romantic lines of the season, and we swoon. Liza does a little, too. Before they can do more than kiss, Josh passes out on the bed. So, what does Liza do? She spoons him. I mean, I’d spoon Josh, too.

The next day (aka wedding day!), Josh is in a tux (hottie!), and he is determined to get married. When Liza confronts him about last night, he finally tells her he needs distance from her. Liza gets teary-eyed watching Josh get married (not happy tears), and the episode ends with Charles trying to call Liza to no avail.

So, basically, this triangle might live on? I sure hope not because it’s getting exhausting. We can’t wait to see what next season has in store!

Our Favorite Moments:

“Men are nothing but a distra–” -Diana
“Morning Diana.” -Zane
Cue Diana getting googley-eyed. Single Diana around attractive men is just a hoot and a half.

“We’re like ships passing in the night.” -Diana to Charles upon learning that now that she’s single again, he is supposedly trying to make things work with Pauline.

“Smells like ass….I coulda been a bog body.” -Maggie on getting stuck in a peat bog in Ireland.

“Prove it. Be a friend. Be the best man he needs you to be.” -Maggie to Liza. Thank god for people like Maggie and Diana who try to talk some sense into Liza and give her life advice (that she only listens to half the time).

“Follow your heart.” -Liza
[SWOONY KISS] “It’s you Liza. It’s always been you.” -Josh
“No. We can’t do this. I can’t give you the life you want.” -Liza
“The life that I want is any life with you.” -Josh. THE BEST LINE OF THE EPISODE AND MAYBE THE SEASON. I think we all want someone in our lives to say that to us at some point.


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