Why You Should Watch Future Man

Future Man

If you haven’t watched Hulu’s new show, Future Man, you’re missing out. This sci-fi comedy from Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter, and Ariel Shaffir is a great show to binge on.

Video-game obsessed Josh Futterman (Josh Hutcherson) lives at home with his parents. By day, he’s a janitor at a local laboratory. The scientists there are on the search for a cure for…wait for it…herpes. By night, Josh is steadily making his way through a video game called Biotic Wars; he’s a hero in that digital world. It turns out, though, that Biotic Wars is a simulation from the future. So, when Josh wins Biotic Wars, the main characters, Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson), appear to recruit him to join their fight. In the future, the cure for herpes is discovered, but it leads to the end of the world. Cue more time travel and lots of ridiculous jokes.

And, if you need even more convincing to watch it, here are 3 reasons why you should:

Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson. As Tiger and Wolf, these two are the shining stars of Future Man. They are serious and funny at the same time (pretty much everything about Wolf; for instance, when he eats pickles for the first time!). Their characters have a great developmental arc, and every scene they are in is gold.

The time era jumps. Going from “present” day to the 1980s to the 1950s will make any show fun. Seeing Tiger and Wolf try to acclimate to each era is hilarious. It’s also a nice nod to films like Back to the Future and TV shows like Quantum Leap.

Josh Hutcherson’s endearing Josh Futterman. Like every typical hero (Marty McFly, for one), Josh isn’t perfect. He’s a bit naive. He tries to be a good person. You can’t help but like him.


Watch Future Man, streaming on Hulu now!

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