#TBT: 5 Great Romantic Movies That Won Oscars

Oscars Romantic Winners

The countdown to the 88th Academy Awards has begun, and February is winding down, so #TBT to some of our favorite romantic films that have walked away with the golden statue. In no particular order…


Shakespeare in Love

I think women everywhere swooned when they saw Joseph Fiennes as the dashing, poetic English bard. The writing and performing of Romeo & Juliet, a tale practically everyone is familiar with, was the perfect backdrop to Shakespeare’s own love story. We laughed, we smiled, and we sighed as we watched Shakespeare fall in love with a woman he could never be with. This is also one movie where I don’t mind watching Gwyneth Paltrow act. Bonus: Colin Firth as a slightly despicable Lord Wessex!


Out of Africa

Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Need we say more? Based on the memoir of the Danish Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke’s years living in Africa, this adaptation is a classic. The determination and love Blixen-Finecke pours into her farm is impressive. The scenery of Africa is stunning. The love story between Blixen-Finecke and Denys Finch Hatton (Redford) is sweeping.


West Side Story

Romeo & Juliet really makes for good films. This retelling of the classic tale is set in 1950s New York City with feuding between the White Jets and the Puerto Rican Sharks. Maria (Natalie Wood) and Tony are the star-crossed lovers. There are so many amazing songs (“I Feel Pretty”, “America”, “Maria”, and “Somewhere”, most notably) and some incredible dance numbers. It’s a musical I almost hate to watch just because of the final heartbreaking scene, but it’s so good that I keep coming back.


My Fair Lady

Audrey Hepburn is Eliza Doolittle in this charming musical about a lowly flower seller who is transformed into a presentable society lady. Naturally, she falls for Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) as he teaches her “proper” English. This is another show that has memorable songs (“The Rain in Spain” and “On the Street Where You Live”).



Obviously, Titanic would be on this list. Not only is it one of the highest-grossing films of all-time, it probably has the most famous theme song (sing it out, Celine Dion!). I still get giddy like a teenager when I see baby-faced Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack. The chemistry he has with Kate Winslet as Rose is palpable. This was one of the first movies I saw multiple times at the movie theater–and one of the first I cried at while watching.


Taraneh has been happily living in NYC for over a decade, but originally hails from the Midwest. Enamored with books at a young age, she grew up making stories, playing make believe, and loving the musical and performing arts. She is great at binge-watching TV shows. Some current favorites: Schitt's Creek, A Court of Mist & Fury, Prince Harry, and The Magicians.

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