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WHAT. A. SEASON FINALE. When the cast and showrunner of Stitchers teased this episode at SDCC, they called it “the mother of all cliffhangers” and that fans would be left “screaming at their screens.” They weren’t exaggerating. They tried to prepare us, but really, how could we be ready for a twist like that in the closing moments of the episode?! The season finale wrapped up the three season mythology arc centered around Kirsten’s mother and the Stitchers Program. However, it left us wondering and questioning what a possible season four could look like. Freeform has yet to announce a renewal for Stitchers, but with a season finale like “Maternis,” how can they not? Here are five questions we want answered in season four.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Who was Kirsten speaking to at the end of the episode?

We’re still reeling from learning about Kirsten’s amnesia as a result of her stitching into her mother and crying over the heartbreaking scene with Cameron at the end, when she shocks us all with this line:

“I will never forgive you for what you’re making me to do him.”

Enter unidentifiable shadowy figure. WHO IS MAKING KIRSTEN LIE ABOUT HAVING AMNESIA?! Why would she need to lie about this? How did this person convince her to lie to Cameron and her friends? This is the surprise cliffhanger that showrunner Jeff Schechter hinted at in interviews at SDCC. I commend the writers for adding on this twist because it allows the show to evolve into the next chapter of its story, as well as introduce us to the new antagonist.

Will the Stitchers Program remain active?

Now that the team has achieved the goals of mapping the brain and using the technology to awaken Kirsten’s mother, will the NSA continue to operate the Stitchers Program? The team did good work in solving murders and crimes. I enjoy the crime procedural aspect of the show and would miss it for next season. But with Kirsten suffering from “amnesia,” can the program even continue? Or would the NSA recruit someone else to be the next stitcher? There is also the possibility that the Stitchers Program will extend into a new phase with new goals. I feel there is more to the NSA agenda than we have been told.

What is next for the Stitchers Team?

The ending didn’t give us a clear indication what is next for the individual members of the team. If the Stitchers Program continues, will Cameron, Linus, Camille, and Fisher still be a part of it with or without Kirsten? If some of them choose to leave the program, what will they do next? Will the friendships remain intact if they aren’t working together? I love my Stitchers Team and don’t want to see them separated, but there is an opportunity here to explore more of the individual character stories outside of the lab. Even if the team is temporarily apart, I do believe they will find their way back to each other. After all, they are family.

What’s up with Daniel and Jacqueline Stinger?

After three seasons the team finally captures Daniel Stinger, but we don’t know if he goes to jail or what happens to him after the stitch with Kirsten and Jacqueline. For that matter, was the stitch truly successful in waking up Jacqueline? I have my suspicions since we didn’t actually see or hear about her after the stitch. Was she affected by the stitch in any way like Kirsten? Everything indicated that Jacqueline came out of her stasis, but one can never be sure of anything on a scifi show. I also wonder if the NSA will bring Daniel and Jacqueline (if she is indeed awake) back into the Stitchers Program. I just can’t see the NSA allowing Jacqueline and Kirsten to go off and live a normal life together (or however normal one can be faking amnesia). Is Daniel’s story over or will we see him again in season four? I have a feeling that the Stinger family drama is far from over.

Will Cameron and Kirsten find their way back to each other?

While Camille/Amanda and Linus/Ivy ended on a hopeful note, Cameron/Kirsten ended with nothing but heartbreak. Over the course of three seasons, Cameron and Kirsten have overcome many obstacles to find happiness with one other. Watching their journey as a couple has been one of my favorite parts of this season. That is why it hurt so much to watch them be separated by a lie and circumstances out of their control. I do believe there is a good reason for Kirsten faking her amnesia. Clearly, she is being threatened or blackmailed into compliance and is trying to protect Cameron. There is no doubt in my mind they will get back together and take on whatever new mysterious enemy they have. If you paid attention closely, Kirsten did give Cameron and the fans something to hold on to.

“How’s your heart?”

“It hurts a little.”

“It’ll be okay one day. I promise.”

Believe the promise that Kirsten made to Cameron. I do.

So what are some questions you want answered in Season 4? What are your thoughts on the season finale? Leave us a comment!

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