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Rickey Thompson

Rickey Thompson is a man who knows how to make people laugh. He stars as Dakota Green on YouTube Red and AwesomesnessTV’s breakout hit, Foursome, and like his character, he’s outspoken, absolutely hilarious, and one-of-a-kind. Pop-Culturalist was lucky enough to speak with this up-and-comer about the role, what to expect this season, and what his character has taught him.

P-C: The foursome leaves the school this season. How does that affect Dakota?
Rickey: It makes Dakota bolder because we’re finally leaving the school. It’s something that the gang has never, ever got to do before. Dakota is going to have more fun this season because of this change.

P-C: Another major change this season is that Imogen went back to being homeschooled. What is the dynamic like between the foursome, now that one of their own is gone?
Rickey: We’re very sad that one of the members of the foursome decided to stay being homeschooled. but we end up making a new friend. You’ll have to watch to see who it is. We’re still strong and we’re watching each others’ backs, even though we did lose a part of our group.

P-C: What drew you to this project when you signed on in the first season?
Rickey: It was the first audition I had ever gotten and I had just moved to LA. When I read the script, I was like, “Oh my god, this character is literally me—his catchphrases, tone of voice, and how he puts himself out there.” I also loved the whole storyline about four best friends who look out for each other while going through all the things that teenagers face today.

P-C: Like you just said, Dakota is outspoken. Do you have a favorite line of his?
Rickey: A favorite line? Oh my God. There are so many that I just love. I can’t pick a line, but I’ll say my favorite episode is in season 2 when he goes to counseling. Literally everything that Dakota says in that episode is exactly what I would have said

P-C: With this being a comedy, how much of it is scripted? Do you have the freedom to improv?
Rickey: Oh, yes, yes, yes. Definitely. It’s scripted, but the director always says, “Try to make it your own”. We usually stick to the script, but we do have a bit of fun, especially when we’re on break. We’ll sit there and talk about how funny a scene would be if we did it this one way and we usually do it and the directors love it.

P-C: Foursome teaches a lot of important lessons about confidence, friendship, and love. Which one has resonated with you the most, and why?
Rickey: Be you! That’s how Dakota is on the show. When I was growing up, I was so afraid of being myself. I was always trying to be someone else, but acting in this show and playing this character taught me that it’s okay to be you, and people will love you for it. There are going to be people who hate you for it, but there are going to be more people who love you for it.

P-C: If you could give Dakota one piece of advice, what would it be?
Rickey: I would tell him to chill out on trying to find somebody…like maybe do you for a little bit. I would tell him that.

P-C: What can we expect for season 3?
Rickey: We go through a lot. There’s so much drama this season. It’s like the juiciest drama season ever. The gang gets closer and we find out a secret about Andie’s boyfriend, Kent, which we’re all shocked about. It was also fun being able to change the setting of the show.

P-C: If you could write up a story line for Dakota, what would it be?
Rickey: I’ve always said this, but I really, really, really do want Dakota to have a steady boyfriend. I think it would be cool to finally find someone that he’s down for. All his friends have boyfriends. I’m like Dakota needs somebody. I would write a story line where he falls in love and see what happens from there.

P-C: Have you pitched that idea to the creators?
Rickey: Oh yes. Oh my God. Dakota needs to find somebody. “No Rickey! Not everybody can have a relationship.” I’m like, okay, I get it.

P-C: Are you Team Jandie or Team Kandie?
Rickey: That’s a hard one! Hmm, I would say because I’m an OG, I’m going to say Jandie. I love first relationships and they’ve known each other for so long. It’s cute. I love Kent but I’m going to have to go with Team Jandie.

P-C: Besides Foursome, do you have any upcoming projects that you can chat about?
Rickey: I’m still auditioning, but right now, my best friend and I are writing our own show. It’s a great concept, but I can’t give too much away. Hopefully, you’ll be seeing it very soon!

Pop-Culturalist Speed Round

P-C: Guilty pleasure TV show?
Rickey: How to Get Away with Murder! It’s my favorite show. I have to watch it every single week. That, and also American Horror Story. Those two shows I’m obsessed with.

P-C: Guilty pleasure movie?
Rickey: Every time I say this, I am so embarrassed. Like, people are like, “Oh my God, Rickey. Are you serious?” And I’m like, “Yes.” My favorite, favorite movie would have to be Finding Nemo, to this day. I have watched that movie about 120 times. Like, I can almost recite the whole movie. I love that movie so much. Whenever I’m down or sad, I just go to Netflix, pop that movie in and just like, “Wow”. That’s the movie, right there.

P-C: Favorite book?
Rickey: The Giver. I read it in high school and I wasn’t excited about it, but when I read it again recently, I said, “Wow.” This book was actually so amazing that I watched the movie. And I was like “Wow. This is so great.”

P-C: Favorite social media platform?
Rickey: I would have to say Twitter. Twitter has gotten so amazing these past years. It’s the funniest thing ever. Like, when Vine had died, I could still get the Vine content from Twitter. Like the memes. The videos. The quotes that people will come up with…it’s hilarious. I am always on Twitter.

P-C: Favorite play or musical?
Rickey: Ah. Oh my God. My favorite musical would have to be Wicked. I’ve seen it about five times. I know every single word to every single song. I just love the whole concept of the show.

P-C: Do you have a band or artist that fans would be surprised to learn is on your playlist?
Rickey: I’m into a lot of different music…but most surprising? Maybe, One Direction.

P-C: Hidden talent?
Rickey: I have the best memory. I remember everything. And people are like, “Oh my God. How do you remember something that long ago?” I’m like, “I really don’t know.”

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