Pop-Culturalist Chats with Love Daily and Foursome’s Cameron Moulène

Cameron Moulene

Cameron Moulène is a fave here at Pop-Culturalist.com. He’s a rare actor who’s able to evoke emotions from audiences with each of his performances and it’s impossible not to fall in love with him both on and off screen. Best known for his role as the charming, boy-next-door in AwesomenessTV’s breakout hit, Foursome, Cameron is quickly leaving his mark on the industry. His new series, Love Daily, is a romantic anthology revolving around twelve stories of young people and their journeys to find love. Pop-Culturalist spoke with Cameron about the project, how it inspired him to possibly direct, what his plans are for Valentine’s Day, and whether we’re getting a fourth season of Foursome.

P-C: Tell us about Love Daily, your character, and how you got involved with the series.
Cameron: Love Daily is a romantic twelve-part short film anthology, which follows twelve couples at different stages of their relationships. I play a character named Jack Cardoza in Lauren Ciaravalli’s Superstorm Sophie. He’s introduced by a very disgruntled, but still utterly love-able, Kira Kosarin, screaming, “Jack’s here!?” with searing disbelief. That pretty much sets up where they’re at in terms of relationship status too…that is to say, no where good. But Cardoza’s got some.

P-C: How is filming an anthology different than other projects you’ve worked on?
Cameron: Well, I had a lot of fun getting to play guitar and having the opportunity to sing a little in the episode. I hadn’t done that on camera since being on Raising Hope. I am not a singer, but I’ll gladly sing off key whenever you’d like. This was also technically a short film, which I don’t do often, but I thought the form and pacing was very interesting. I think it’s spurred some interest in me to direct one soon.

P-C: Unlike some of the other characters in the series, Jack and Sophie have a past together. Was that an advantage or disadvantage going in and how did you and Kira approach this relationship?
Cameron: Kira and I have known each other socially for a few years now, so we touched based before filming and discussed a few moments and ideas. As an actor, having a character with a rich background to draw from can really only be a positive. There’s always more to explore about that person. Ideally, it’s a roadmap to creating a more convincing and dynamic character on screen.

P-C: Did you base this relationship off any personal experiences?
Cameron: Well, actually…On second thought, nope. Je ne parle pas anglais.

Cameron MoulenePhoto Credit: AwesomenessTV

P-C: Have you had the opportunity to see the other eleven stories in the anthology? Is there another one that resonated with you and why?
Cameron: I have a bad habit that I really need to shake—I don’t watch anything I work in. I haven’t since The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I don’t even mind watching myself that much, but I’ve made a point of avoiding it. This has gotta change. Hit me up in a week and I’ll tell you all about the other 22 fantastic performances and 11 films!

P-C: Since the show is about love and Valentine’s Day is around the corner, do you have any big plans?
Cameron: I wish, mate. It will be me, at home, writing or watching movies.

P-C: Love Daily is your second AwesomenessTV collaboration, has there been any word if Foursome has been picked up for season four?
Cameron: That’s affirmative! We’ll start production on season four Mid-April. I can’t wait!

P-C: If you could write a storyline for Josh, what would it be and why?

*Cold Open* EXT. Brayer High – (shot covered in a platinum filter)
FADE IN: JOSH strolls down the hallway with a horrible mustache-less beard and an overgrown shaggy man-bun. He bumps into Mr. Shaw.
SHAW: Oh! Hey Josh. what’s that on your face?
JOSH: Oh, my beard? Ha, you noticed. Funny I’m so used to it.
SHAW: Is that…Oh yeah…I guess that’s a beard. There is hair in places. How’d your hair get this long?
JOSH: I didn’t have to cut it.
SHAW: But that makes literally no sense with our story line, JOSH.
JOSH: I know.
*Cue ACDC’s “Back in Black”* as JOSH cruises down the hall passing dozens of long hair fans.

Meta-Pan off camera to all of the AwesomenessTV producers with their heads in the hands.

Pop-Culturalist Speed Round

P-C: Last person you texted?
Cameron: My brother

P-C: Favorite emoji?
Cameron: I don’t emoji. Fine, smirky face.

P-C: A movie you could watch over and over?
Cameron: Right now, Spinal Tap.

P-C: Last show you binge-watched?
Cameron: Altered Carbon

P-C: Marvel or DC?
Cameron: Oh, I’ll take a three-picture deal from either.

Make sure to follow Cameron on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and catch the entire season of Love Daily on Verizon’s go90 today!

Photo Credit: AwesomenessTV


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