Based on the bestselling fantasy series by Terry Brooks, The Shannara Chronicles is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on MTV. Premiering January 5, 2016, the show follows the journey of three heroes, Elf-Human hybrid Wil, Elvin Princess Amberle, and Human Rover Eretria, as they begin their quest to stop an evil Demon army from destroying the world. The series stars Austin Butler (The Carrie Diaries) as Wil Ohmsford, Poppy Drayton (When Call the Heart) as Amberle Elessedil, John Rhys-Davis (Lord of the Rings) as Eventine Elessedil, Manu Bennett (Spartacus) as

Socialite turned mogul Kim Kardashian-West has just hit 55 million followers on Instagram and to celebrate the momentous occassion, Kim surprised fans with a brand new emoji app cleverly named ‘Kimoji’. The app was launched on Monday, December 21st and after “breaking the internet” earlier this year, she can now add breaking Apple to her repertoire, as the release immediately shut down the Apple app store. The Kimoji keyboard will consists of emojis including: Black painted nails, ‘Lit’ and ‘Basic’ speech bubbles, Kim’s ‘Married’ leather jacket she wore on her

Singer Ariana Grande released her new Christmas EP, titled “Christmas & Chill” on iTunes on December 18th. The 6-tracked EP promises for a relaxed, chill and modern take on Christmas music and I have to say, it delivers through and through. We promise you’re going to get exactly what you’re looking for with this fantastic release. Intro: The introduction does a great job at setting the tone for this EP. A very chilled and relaxed feeling over some modern, R&B beats. Wit It This Christmas: This song immediately reminds of

X Factor UK has crowned a brand new winner in 17 year old Louisa Johnson. After beating out duo Reggie and Bollie for the win with a staggering 53.9% of the votes, Louisa has debuted her brand new winner’s single “Forever Young” — which has already made its way to The UK’s Top 10 official charts. Louisa will be joining the rest of the Top 10 for the X Factor Live Tour kicking off in 2016. Will Louisa claim the No.1 spot? We’ll find out Friday, December 18th. For now,

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