The wait is over! If you’re like me, you signed up for the Code 8 newsletter. And, you were frantically checking your inbox this morning. Well, you got mail! Earlier today, details about Stephen and Robbie Amell’s secret project were revealed. They’re making their first feature film together—well hoping to. It all depends on us, the fans! The pair have created an IndieGoGo campaign with some kickass perks! In less than twenty-four hours, they’re almost half way to their goal. If you’re unfamiliar with IndieGoGo, it’s a crowdfunding website where

If we learned one thing from the premiere of Awkward, it’s that there are repercussions if you decided to take part in a social media black out. Jenna, what were you thinking? Social media is where you reveal your true self. To honor the episode, we’ve recapped the best moments in tweets! Lissa is Lacey and Kevin’s Nanny WTF! Does anyone else think this is a bad idea? Sorry, Lissa! — @pculturalist Matty and Jenna Had Another Falling Out? As Tamara would say #MattyDrama. I know a lot of people

It’s a sad day for my fellow Jersey Boys fans; the beloved Joseph Leo Bwarie is officially ending his eight year run as Frankie Valli. The actor announced that his last performance will be on April 24th on his official Facebook page this past Monday. There’s a lot to be said about this meritorious performer and his impressive résumé. Before landing the role in the Tony winning Broadway production, JLB played Frankie Valli in the National Tour and Las Vegas productions. He proudly holds the record for most performances as Frankie Valli (over 2,000) having being involved with the

It’s tuesdAy and I’m going through Pretty Little Liars‘ withdrawal. Are you still thinking about last week’s season finale? I know I am and I’m still not over what happened in last week’s episode! Here are the top five moments that left me shouting at the tv. Is it safe to assume that Aria and Liam are no more? I was beginning to adore Liam and I had high hopes for their relationship. But if the writers are going to give us team Ezria, then we will be rooting for team

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