As we brave the final weeks of winter, there’s nothing that warms one’s heart quicker than love. (Aww.) It comes in many different shapes, forms, and sizes. On this #TBT, let’s look at young love with one of my favorite T.V. couples: Glee’s Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson. At William McKinley H.S., Rachel and Finn were at opposite ends of the social ladder. Rachel the theater nerd and Finn the school’s star quarterback, their relationship had its ups and downs but it always taught fans important lessons on love. Here’s

Liza wakes up in Josh’s bed to the news that Caitlin has started following Josh’s band on Instagram. Liza is not having it. Using the excuse that her daughter is tramautized by the divorce, she convinces Josh it’s a bad idea. She also convinces Caitlin that she should unfollow Josh (then, finally, Caitlin admits Josh is super hot. I was waiting for the weird daughter-could-be-dating-him thing to raise it’s head). At work, Liza, Kelsey, and Diana are faced with the incredibly ridiculous, spoiled, young author, Jade. Why it was necessary for

Season 20 | Episode Five We are halfway through already! (Really?!? I’m not prepared for this to end yet.) Oh! And shocker, Olivia loves him already! Está loca! Due to some masterful editing, we were entertained with clips of Olivia professing her love for Ben, clips of her trying to reassure the viewers (or maybe herself) that she doesn’t need validation, that Ben gives her all the validation she needs. Then the first date card comes, and all that is shot to hell. Ben wants to put all their eggs

American Crime: Season 2 is one of the most provocative shows on television. The ABC drama, led by Connor Jessup, brings unsettling issues including sexual violence, social hierarchy, and race to the forefront. It’s a tough show to watch but one you should be. From the initial promos, it’s clear they aren’t afraid to push boundaries. I’ll admit I thought the show’s heavy topics would be too difficult to watch—and at times, it is—but in a good way. You’d be doing yourself a great injustice if you’re not watching American Crime. The

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