Season 20 | Episode Four So, if you’ve noticed (or care), I wasn’t able to post a recap for last week’s episode. I was too busy dying, and by dying, I mean I had pneumonia, and by pneumonia, I mean I had a cold that was kicking my ass. Anywho, I think we can summarize last week’s episode with the following: Lauren B. is ridiculously adorable. Ben’s back is nothing but freckles. Olivia and Jubilee competed for the title of “Public Enemy Number One” and I’m giving the slight edge

On the Road: Charlie Puth

On the Road: Charlie Puth

Is there anything better than that feeling you get when you see an artist pour their heart and soul on the stage? Nope, we didn’t think so. In our new series, “On the Road,” we’re highlighting some noteworthy (ba-da-dum) artists worth seeing live. *I get one bad joke per post.* To kick off “On the Road” we’re featuring an artist who owned the charts in 2015 and his debut album hasn’t even been released yet. It was impossible to turn on the radio and not hear his voice (not that

The group is celebrating Millenial’s inception. Josh is surprised to learn that Liza has not, in fact, told Kelsey about her real age. Liza’s solution? To just not hang out with her work friends and Josh at the same time. Real smart, Liza, for someone who thinks she is in a real relationship. Kelsey and Liza are planning their big Millenial imprint launch. Even though Liza is bringing to life this new imprint, Diana proves a point and tasks her with more assistant¬†responsibilities. First of which is using Diana’s Fitbit

In 1999, Felicity‘s second season, Felicity chopped her long (amazing) curls off. It was the haircut that people talked about for months (in some cases, years). Some people may have stopped watching all together (for a while, people said that execs couldn’t attribute the loss of viewership in season 2: it was either the move to airing the show on Sunday nights OR Felicity’s new pixie cut.). The¬†haircut was a tangible change that she could make in her life. The show itself was all about change. Felicity Porter (Keri Russell)

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