Inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is the heartwarming story about Michael “Eddie” Edwards, a British ski-jumper who dared to dream—even when no one believed in him. As a child, Eddie (played by Taron Egerton) struggled with leg and knee issues. He was never the most gifted athlete but had the heart of a champion. His dream was always to be an Olympian. When he’s cut from the Olympic ski team, Eddie travels to Germany to test his skills as a ski-jumper. There he meets Bronson Peary (played by

“Eclipsed” just opened on Broadway after a sold-out run at the Public Theater. It’s a fascinating, horrifying look at how war affects women in the most brutal ways. Having said that, it’s also a play that’s full of surprisingly comic, light moments. The play manages to balance light and dark with ease–a real feat, accomplished with the help of an amazing all-female cast and writer Danai Gurira (yes, of Walking Dead fame) and director Liesl Tommy. The story centers around five women during the waning days of Liberia’s second civil

With only about one month until the season 2 premiere of Starz’s dynamite historical drama television series, Outlander, all we can think about is Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. Fans of Diana Gabaldon‘s hefty Outlander series rabidly devoured every bit of news pre-production and during production. As with all adaptations, casting was every fan’s main focus. In this case, the casting directors were on point–especially with Sam Heughan. Sam Heughan IS Jamie Fraser. Heughan wonderfully captures Jamie’s love for Clare, his sense of honor, his strength (in combat as well as

If you haven’t started watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend yet, then you’re missing out on a great show with a lot of heart. When I’d first read that there was going to be a new show with musical numbers, I did a little song-and-tap-dance inside my cold bitter shell of a body. For those of you sad folks who aren’t watching the wonderful Rachel Bloom (who plays main character Rebecca Bunch) and excellent supporting cast, please find a taste of the best songs (in my humble opinion) in chronological order below, which will

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