Netflix Original Series? Nope. Hulu Original Series? Forget about it! NIKE Original Series? YEAH!!! NIKE presents a Better For It Production: Margot vs. Lily Last week, NIKE kicked off workouts dedicated to the NIKE Original series Margot vs. Lily in major cities. I was lucky enough to attend a workout in New York City where we previewed episodes from the series early. We’ve included the first video below, but here at Pop-Culturalist, we’re loving the new series and here’s why! The team from Pop-Culturalist hails from New York City. What’s better than watching

After the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, we thought we’d name the top 5 suspects that may have killed Charlotte, along with why they aren’t, because in Rosewood, nothing is what it ever seems. Ezra Fitz – With the help of Emily, Aria was able to sneak into Ezra’s apartment to examine his golf clubs to see if his nine club iron was there. She doubted Ezra when she thought he had something to do with Charlotte’s murder, but after tonight, there’s no chance he did it at all.

Last weekend, when I wasn’t plowing through nearly thirty inches of snow, I was fortunate enough to attend Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey. Thank you, Winter Storm Jonas, for bringing your blizzardy wrath on the worst possible weekend. Heroes & Villains brings fans closer to their favorite stars from shows and movies including Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Let’s start by saying the true heroes that weekend were the organizers. They handled the snow storm with such professionalism—updating fans with schedule changes, guest

The Magicians premiered on Syfy this week, and, boy, do I think they have a hit on their hands. The show has a lot going for it: slick special effects, magic, mystery, and, of course, a great cast. Having read the book eons ago, I only vaguely remembered the plot (and, to be honest, remember feeling a little meh about it when I finished reading) so I was eager to see the show. Down-and-dirty/bare bones recap to get you hooked: We first encounter our main character, Quentin (otherwise known as Q…who,

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