NYCC: Keanu Reeves is Back with Trailer for Replicas

Keanu Reeves stopped by New York Comic Con to promote his new sci-fi thriller, Replicas. Set in the near future, Reeves plays a neuroscientist named Will Foster, who abruptly loses his entire family in an accident while on vacation. In his desperation to bring them back, he creates replicas of them via cloning and transplanting their consciousness from the dead bodies to their new clones. The world premiere of the trailer was released during the panel, and you can watch it below:

Director Jeffrey Nachmanoff hinted the film would delve into some moral and ethical questions and how those rules are bent or broken if it helps you reunite with your family. He also addressed concerns about the script being cookie cutter sci-fi horror, “It doesn’t fit in one genre, it mixes genres together.”

It was also revealed the the majority of Replicas was filmed in Puerto Rico, with local crew. NYCC has partnered with Keanu Reeves to setup the Puerto Rico Film Friend Relief Fund to support those hit by Hurricane Maria.


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