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Teen Wolf stars Tyler Posey (Scott McCall), JR Bourne (Chris Argent), Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar), Cody Christian (Theo Raeken), and executive producer Jeff Davis took New York Comic Con by storm releasing the first trailer for Season 5B. MTV also announced to a packed room of Teen Wolf fanatics that the show will return on Tuesday, January 5th. Yes, you read that right, Moondays are no more. We are just as devastated!

Pop-Culturalist had the pleasure of sitting down with Jeff Davis and the cast to talk about Season 5B. Here’s what we learned:

• Scott and Theo’s packs will work together.
Cody Christian: “We’re definitely on the same side. We’re going to be up against something much bigger than ourselves, maybe even bigger than the Dread Doctors, something much more dangerous. It’s going to be pretty wild. It’s going to take two packs.”

• Liam and Hayden are Teen Wolf‘s Romeo and Juliet.
Dylan Sprayberry: “The way I’m describing their relationship now is like Romeo and Juliet. They have a forbidden love because they’re on different sides but they still care for each other. That’s going to be the tone of our relationship.”

• Scott and Liam have a rocky road ahead.
Dylan Sprayberry: “We’re not going to pick up where we left off. Scott is a very generous person when it comes to second chances but this is something that Liam will have to work for and prove to Scott that he’s still with him.”

Tyler Posey: “The biggest forgiving Scott will have to do is with Liam because he tried to murder him.”

• Scott understands why Stiles had to kill Donovan.
Tyler Posey: “Stiles didn’t do anything wrong, of course he doesn’t want him to kill somebody but he understands the difference between self-defense and not self-defense. He doesn’t need to forgive Stiles for anything but they do need to talk.”

The most exciting news from the press room was learning that Tyler Posey will direct an episode in Season 6. While interviewing Tyler Posey, Jeff Davis interrupted by telling Tyler that he just spilled that he will be directing an episode in Season 6. “Are you allowed to say that?” asked an excited Tyler. Jeff Davis replied with, “I’m the f*cking boss!”

With the room buzzing, Tyler talked more about his career goals: “I’m going to keep building and doing things up the ladder, and building up my career. I’m going to be directing my own stuff soon, producing, writing. I want to film and edit. I want to do it all. I want to have complete control over things. When I was a kid, I use to make videos all the time with my brother and my friends. We use to make these little videos and I would put my own music in them and edit them. I never realized it was a dream of mine until just recently.”


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