Album Review: Kris Allen’s Letting You In

Kris Allen Letting You In

Kris Allen’s latest recording, Letting You In, is an outward expression of life’s many ups and downs. Three years ago, he and his wife were in a head-on collision that threatened his career. He channeled this vulnerability into his craft—producing one of his most reflective albums to date. It’s the raw and emotive songwriting that the music industry is yearning for.

The appropriately-named album is a glimpse into Kris’ deepest thoughts. It’s an artist baring his soul, which is never easy to do. But, with that comes authenticity. The album is less about what will sell and more about the story he’s ready to tell.

It’s the perfect blend of light and shade. It has the uplifting pop tunes we’ve come to expect but also has the heart-wrenching songs you can’t help but relate to. And, his voice has never sounded better.

Album Highlights:

“Love Will Find You” — The album’s opening track is an optimistic tune about having faith and letting things happen the way they’re meant to. It’s hard not to sing along with Kris and to take comfort when he tells us how we’ll know when we’ve met the right person.

“Time Will Come” — The next track is about silencing doubt and reminding yourself to be patient. It’s hitting a bit close to home but that’s what makes this album so relatable.

“Letting You In” — The title track is arguably my favorite on the album. I don’t think I’ve been able to listen to it once without getting a bit misty-eyed. It’s definitely giving “In Time” a run for my favorite Kris Allen track. The song deals with the struggles of being open and not internalizing your feelings.

“Move” — If I had to sum up this song in one word it would be catchy! The fun, upbeat track will be amazing to hear live. And, I’m sure it’ll be accompanied by Kris’ awkwardly shaking his hips (joking!). If you haven’t picked up your tickets to see him live, what are you waiting for? I’ve seen him live over six times and there’s no other artist that puts on a better show.

Letting You In is available now in both digital and physical formats. Do yourself a favor and purchase the album. Once you get it, sit and really listen to the lyrics. It’s art that music fans are rarely treated to.

★ ★ ★ ☆

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  1. Joan says:

    I pretty much agree with everything you said but would add Feeling This Way to his soul baring songs.I also love In Time and it’s truly amazing live but have you listened to I need To Know from Kris’s first album.My favorite by far from that album,it is extremely raw & heart wrenching.
    On a lighter note,having seen Kris many times in concert,his hip shaking is anything but awkward.He actually dances a lot on stage and has natural rhythm.He said in an interview he learned to move his hips from Will Smith in the movie

  2. MK204 says:

    Very in depth and astute review. Thanks Kevin. I’m already in love with this CD. should take a few pages from your thought provoking review.

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