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Spooky Shows

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent your time leading up to Halloween watching all the scary movies you can get your hands on. But, there’s more than just scary movies out there; there’s plenty of hair-raising television out there now, too. So, while you hand out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween, why not watch one (or all) of these spooky TV shows. Warning: you may want to sleep with your lights on.

American Horror Story: Cult, FX
Pretty much every season of this show is scary AF. There’s everything you could want in a creepy tale: blood, truly terrible characters, sex, and unexpected violent moments. This particular season involves our real-life political climate, murder, kidnappings, creepy clowns, terrorizing neighbors, and much more.


Freakish, Hulu
Is there anything spookier than zombies? We didn’t think so. If you’re looking to pack your Halloween with tons of scary creatures, look no further than Hulu and AwesomenessTV’s Freakish. The show revolves around a group of friends who are locked at their high school after a chemical breach at their local plant. They quickly learn that if they inhale the air, they transform into mutant freaks and it becomes a fight for survival. It’s The Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead.

Lore, Amazon Prime
They say truth is stranger than fiction. If you know Aaron Mahnke’s wildly popular podcast, Lore, then you know that is totally true, and you’ll be dying to see which podcasts have been turned into television. Not only will you learn something new (where the phrases “saved by the bell” comes from, or the history behind vampires in America), but you’ll also get the willies. Each episode in this six episode anthology is comprised of mixed mediums-illustrations, live action, and audio from the podcast-which create a very eery ambiance.

Stranger Things, Netflix
If you haven’t already binge-watched the new season of Stranger Things then Halloween is the perfect night to do it (and, for that matter, if you haven’t watched season 1…what are you waiting for?!). Peppered with wonderful nostalgic throwbacks to 80s classic horror and pop culture, the otherworldly darkness that oozes into the lives of our favorite neighborhood kids is all the more engrossing.

Superstition, Syfy
Witchcraft. The supernatural. Evil spirits. All of this come into play in Syfy’s new show Superstition. It revolves around the Hastings family who own the only funeral home in a small Georgian town. Not only does the family handle the town’s funerals, but they also handle the “after-care” for those who fall prey to the evil that lives in the town.


So, what will you be watching? What other scary shows should we be scaring ourselves with?



Taraneh has been happily living in NYC for over a decade, but originally hails from the Midwest. Enamored with books at a young age, she grew up making stories, playing make believe, and loving the musical and performing arts. She is great at binge-watching TV shows. Some current favorites: Schitt's Creek, A Court of Mist & Fury, Prince Harry, and The Magicians.

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