Baby Driver Review: Baby Doesn’t Belong in a Corner

Baby Driver

It’s rare to see an original film anymore among all the remakes and reboots. So Baby Driver is a much needed and a refreshing take on an action film, and easily will be one of the breakout films of the summer. With a talented cast and beautifully choreographed action sequences, not to mention a killer soundtrack, this is definitely a film you will want to race to the theaters to see!

The title character is played by Ansel Elgort and affectionately goes by the name Baby. You immediately realize Baby does not belong in this world of crime and corruption, especially with his need to break free of his driving duties. Baby is a getaway driver, the best of his kind, and has been a vital part to any heist. He earned his skills from boosting cars in his early years and has a tragic past that fuels his every move. While Elgort is mostly known for tear-jerker The Fault In Our Stars, this unique film allows him to really shine. He portrays Baby authentically and delivers a nuanced performance, making him the heart and soul of the film. No longer will Elgort be known for teen dramas, he has now graduated to adult fare.

The supporting cast is filled with Hollywood royalty, with the likes of Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, and Jamie Foxx to name a few. Each one brings their exceptional acting talents to their characters and are a real joy to see onscreen. A brief Jon Bernthal cameo brings a nice touch of humor to this action romp and you would be remiss to find anyone who isn’t a fan of his and the characters he plays. Lily James, best known for playing the title role in Cinderella, enhances the film with her grace and charm and has electric chemistry with Elgort. Eiza Gonzalez, who’s most notable role is in the series From Dusk Till Dawn, exhibits beauty, strength and charisma as the fiery Darling.

Baby Driver is one of those rare action films that not only excites the audience but exceptionally weaves in music tracks that fit each scene perfectly, all the while never taking itself too seriously. With its stunning visuals, catchy dialogue, and sharply filmed stunts, Baby Driver positions itself well ahead of the pack. This is one Baby you don’t want to put in a corner.

★ ★ ★ ½ out of 4

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